Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Will the Bob Knight Insiders stage a coup and re-install him at IU?

With Kelvin Sampson's cheating/recruiting troubles continuing, will we go full circle at Indiana?

This may sound like fantasy, but let's follow this patterns:

If Sampson does indeed get in hot water when the NCAA spanish inquisition is completed in the post-season, Indiana may have to fire him, since there were some of that in his contract.

If he does indeed get fired for recruiting violations, the people who hired him, the university administrators will be in trouble for the hire. They may be fired too.

This would create an opening for the Bob Knight sympathizers for their power play, to get rid of the Myles Brand crowd, and install their own people. Once the Knight people take over IU, then the ground will be fertile for the return of the crazy man at the place where he once belonged.

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