Sunday, February 03, 2008

Arizona at UCLA

Oh boy! ESPN was banging pots and ...puns for this game, to get Pac-10 games on their air, and even feature one of the most high profile Pac-10 woodshed beatings games on their Primetime Gameday Saturday night slot. And what a disappointment it was!

The Arizona Moody Blues made a strong comeback, and UCLA grabbed the game by the horns and never let go. Not sure what Ben Howland puts his team's Gatorate (*hint* *hint* investigate) but they are playing as if they were injected with a cocktail of stimulants and andro and such ;-)

Granted it was just a game, but this epic meltdown throws a glacier of cold water on Arizona's hot streak and play of the last few weeks. So now the big question is, can they recover? Is this the start of a tailspin or just a bad game? They'll have eight days to quietly "meditate" under Zen-master Kevin O'Neill before they face in-state rival Arizona State which is also struggling.

UCLA showed once again why they are hard to beat - assuming of course the zebras allow them to play multi-fouls-per-possession defense. After these two performances, I'm tempted to move them all the way to #1 in next week's poll.

The ESPN cameras were always snapping back to John Wooden, as if he was a Hollywood celebrity, and they couldn't even let the Hall of Famer coach share his candy with the policeman and his daughter without the cameras tracking every bite ;-)

And if you watched Gameday before the game on ESPN, they mentioned the New York Super Bowl Giants football coach and the influence John Wooden had on him. In that segment, they showed and talked about the book "Wooden". It can be yours too for just $13 on Amazon, with free shipping on orders $25 or more.

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