Friday, February 08, 2008

UCLA at Washington State

Friel the Heat, and Friel the Love! As I had suspected all along, Washington State has a ceiling. They are unable to beat a Sweet 16 (or better) team. Their initial softer schedule gave them an impressive record, and combined with the toughness of the Pac 10, they began climbing up the polls and rankings.

But when they started facing top 20 caliber teams, the wins were nowhere to be found. Washington State may be #1 in being able to get the max out of their talent and skills level, but that's their ceiling.

Just like Wisconsin, they may have the best record against the Bottom 300 teams in the NCAAs, but in order to win championships or have success in the NCAA tourney, you need to be able to beat the Top 32 teams in the country.

Unless something changes, Wazoo is heading towards a first round exit. Aron Bayness continues to not be a factor, which perhaps is linked to all that.

UCLA, with its patented multiple-foul-per-possession defense, and despite missing one of its wrestlers defenders, was able, partially thanks to the zebras, to take and maintain a lead with a small but safe margin.

I was hoping UCLA would lose, but they didn't :-(

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