Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Kansas at Texas

This was a big game for the Big 12, and with the added boost of Big Monday coverage on ESPN. Sadly this game is only played once during each regular season, because of the way the Big 12 is structured.

The game did not disappoint. The run and gun Rick Barnes crazies managed to eek out a big home win in front of a home court, facing a deeper and more talented Self-less squad.

Texas, like Xavier and Oregon, are teams of the crazy variety, they have a wide range of play, and because of that, they have higher highs, and lower lows. On the other end of the spectrum we have teams like Wisconsin and Washington State which are operating on a much narrower band and have a higher lows, but also lower highs. And a lower ceiling too.

Kansas is so talented, yet there seems to be something off about this team. Not sure what it is. This is not the same feel as UNC, but with UNC we also get feeling they are missing something (and I'm talking when they had Ty Lawson and Bo Fraser in the line-up way back then).

Jayhawks fans may not like this, but Bill Self may have issues! Granted it's not easy to have post-season success, but he had at least two Final Four capable teams in his four years, yet he only delivered two Elite 8 and two first-round exits to Bucknell and Bradley.

Meanwhile other teams, with less talent, have been able to get back to back final fours, or make it to the final four. As we mentioned earlier in the year, Bill Self may be the next Tubby Smith.

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