Saturday, February 28, 2009

Georgia Tech at North Carolina

The 2004-2005 Georgia Tech team was one of our favorite college hoops teams of this decade. Unfortunately for Yellow Jackets fans, they have not been able to reproduce that since then. Not for lack of pure talent, but for lack of a cohesive team. And perhaps more importantly, the absence of Jarrett Jack!

Georgia Tech started really good and gave UNC a headache, but their true selves came out later in the first half, and from there on, it was a walk in the park for UNC.

UNC is impressive on offense, but the question about UNC is not when they are scoring like crazy, but when they run into a team they have to beat on defense. Without stopped Marcus Ginyard, it will have to be a team effort. And judging by the career nights had by Greivis Vasquez, Ty Rice, and many others, UNC has not figured out how to do this yet.

The silver lining for Georgia Tech? They probably have the best 1-12 (record) team in the history of the ACC conference! ACC fans, was there ever a better 1-12 team? :-)

Upset FAIL: John Saunders of ABC

Until ESPN trains their employees on what a proper upset is, we will take them to task, blog-style. The latest one to use the term "upset" very incorrectly was John Saunders, the studio host of the ABC game today. John Saunders described Florida State's home victory over Clemson an upset.

Just because Clemson is #12 and Florida State is #25, it does not mean that it is an upset John. This is a conference game and *gasp* Florida State was playing at home.

An NCAA team beating another NCAA team, on a conference game, on its own home court is RARELY an upset!

ESPN, please teach your employees!

The hypocrisy of the NCAA, exhibit "H"

We already had a rant on the Daniel Hackett scholarship controversy, but one thing we forgot to mention is the hypocrisy of the NCAA in this.

The NCAA goes on endless rants on how its #1 priority is scholarship and opportunity for the student-athletes. They never stop talking about that, especially when they are using it as a reason for a rule change or to stop additional benefits for student athletes.

So when they complain about the Hackett "free" scholarship, they are putting the "H" in hypocrisy. This perfectly legal situation gives another student-athlete an opportunity and rewards parents who work at a university and encourage their kids to attend a university.

I thought the NCAA was all about opportunity and education!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Championship Week on TV (where to find the games)

Unfortunately this season we do not have the bandwidth to create detailed TV listings, but you can find the schedules at the various TV listing websites and also the websites of various TV channels. ESPN has improved their TV listings this year so it's a lot easier to find stuff. Most games are on the ESPN family of networks, with CBS jumping in during the weekend, and the Pac-10 on FSN (except for the final). CSTV, FoxCollegeSports, and Versus/Comcast usually have some games as well.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I love you Providence!

Thank you Providence for putting the overrated fouling-non-stop Pitt Panthers in their place! Great job Donuts! Go Friars Go! And a season-saving win for the Friars, which means another mid-major bid may have disappeared! This was senior night by the way at Providence which makes this win even sweeter for the Donuts! And they storm the court!

You can watch the post-game show live on, and you can rewatch the game there as well!

Bill Self is lucky and overrated

Sure he can recruit, but look at all his big wins the last couple of years. Beats Oklahoma on the road? Sure, but Blake Griffin didn't play! Beats Carolina at the Final Four? Sure, but they had their most epic game-start meltdown. Beats Memphis to win the national championship? Sure, but they couldn't hit a free throw.

In other words, the true Bill Self is the one who flamed out of the first weekend of the NCAA for years. Expect another first weekend exit for Kansas this year :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Louisville at Georgetown recap

It is really sad that a team with a unique style of play, talented players and a special player like Greg Monroe is not going to make the NCAA tourney. Granted, all is not lost, if they win their remaining regular season games and pick up three or more wins in the Big East conference tourney, then they can let their very strong ...SOS lift them into the bubble and perhaps into the field of 65!

Chris Wright played really hard but he almost made some dumb decisions, like launching three wild, desperation threes during the first half.

But ultimately, it was "Sosa time" who sealed the game late in the second half when Georgetown was building up momentum, but "Sosa time" came out of a Pitino-called time-out, used all 35 seconds of the possession and ended with a bucket at the 35.

Louisville is starting to look good again, starting to look like the team the pre-season magazines were ranking very high. Samardo Samuels is making progress, the big men coming off the bench are making progress, Sosa is more under control, and the threes are dropping. And oh yes, they still have T-Will and Earl Cla(r)k.

On the announcers part, Len Elmore had an epic joke-fail with "Mon"/Monster/Monroe, while Mike Patrick said another classic stupid MP-thing, this time with 90-seconds left and Georgetown fouling left and right, he thought that T-Will (who was three assists short) was "dangerously close" to a triple-double.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

As the ACC world turns

The Dookies just stole the game in the first half against Wake Forest, and that makes things even more interesting in the ACC.

On the other side of the conference, "The Gary" and his basketball-son, "The Vasquez", made a very strong point by getting yet another big win, beating UNC in overtime after most people thought the game was over. Of course this is not the first time Maryland had a big win despite having a horrible season, but the timing of this win can be very beneficial if Maryland keeps on winning. After all, Gary has Ole-Roy's number in the ACC.

Then down at Clemson, the Tigers have finally been able to survive their own success and continue to win, and avoid the epic meltdowns of the last couple of years. Of course we are eternally grateful to Oliver Purnell and the Tigers for their blowout victory over Duke!

From there on, we have Virginia Tech, Miami and Boston College fighting hard for more quality wins and higher ranking heading into the conference tourney.

Shameless: Zebras hand the game to Duke in the first half

This game was an embarrassment for the ACC. The so-called "Duke defense" in the first half was basically getting away with murderous fouls and because they could get away with fouls they were able to steal the ball on-demand. It's not hard to have a big run when you can do whatever you want!

From there on, Wake Forest made a brave and glorious comeback, but considering the home-court advantage it was just not enough to win the game for Wake Forest.

And on top of this we had to bear with the total idiot calling the game and "inducing fouls". Yes, that idiot is of course Tim Brando. Thankfully the G-Man, the only fair and balanced Dookie out there, saved the day.

This was also one of a few games where each team had a pair of same-name players, the Williams and the Smiths!

So now onto The Gary and Maryland to avenge this unfair Duke win and set the record straight!

Friday, February 20, 2009

NCAA leeches please stop the Daniel Hackett witch-hunt

Stupid NCAA, always wasting money on the wrong things. The latest example of these failed politicians-turned-bureaucrats is the investigation *cough* witch-hunt *cough* of Daniel Hackett for not paying tuition because he is the son of a university employee, his dad who is on the basketball staff as a S&C coach.

The NCAA is a big LEECH on student athletes. While the student-athletes spend countless hours working and providing the games that millions want to watch, the NCAA jabba-the-huts (verb) the billions in revenues and sponsorships.

Enough of these weasels leeching and nickel-diming the student athletes.

Want a stimulus package for the economy? Take the money away from the NCAA and university bureaucrats and distribute it to all the student athletes past and present as part of a class-action settlement!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Providence loses at PitinoVille

Some cynics out there may say that Pitino "happens" to lose to Catholic-school teams, so he can "help" them. Of course this is silly, but looking at the Notre Dame game and scoreboard, well, ummmm, opens up the door a little bit ;-)

But it wasn't the case tonight against his former team, the Providence Friars, home of many successful coaches. The first half was an exciting shootout, and the score at the half was higher than the full-game score of this Big 10 game.

Defense took over in the second half, and the PitinoVille team and crowd managed to take control of the game and never look back.

At the same time, it is so wonderful to have Doris Burke as a basketball analyst. She is right on the spot, she actually analyzes the game, and understands the flow of the game and her role as an analyst. I'm glad ESPN put her in the analyst chair, and not as the "Vitale Cheerleader" - that's the role of the "sidelines reporter" during Vitale broadcasts.

Zeller returns as UNC beats NC State

Not much of a rivalry in terms of competitiveness but NC State fought and by no means let UNC walk all over them, but at the same time, the outcome of the game in the second half was never really in doubt. As the G-Man put it, the pressure from the UNC offense makes the opponent "say uncle" at some point during the game.

We are glad UNC listened to our advice and brought back Tyler Zeller. He's highly unlikely to have stayed there an extra four years, so he did the right thing, and by doing so, he has a reasonable chance of a Final Four appearance and quite possible The One Ring.

But I still have my doubts on this UNC team, even with Zeller. They may have better talent or potential on the roster than the 2005 team, but they don't seem to have that killer instinct of the 2005 team. So what will happen? March Madness will!

NC State is progressing, and obviously last season Sidney Lowe beat expectations, but in a conference like the ACC, it takes more than just two seasons to rise to the top. Take a look at Florida State, Leonard Hamilton's rebuilding is finally turning into an NCAA bid.

The Big 10 is ruining college basketball

There is no polite way of saying it. And it's not an opinion. There are numbers, plenty of numbers. And there is scoreboard, yes, scoreboard. Latest example? Penn State 38, Illinois 33.

So what? That's not a bad half-time score!

True, but it was the FINAL SCORE.

Yes, a "BCS" college basketball game with full-scholarship players and neither team can reach 40 points.

To quote the great Pete Gillen, "they put baskets to score!".

Monday, February 16, 2009

Comment moderation is permanently on

All apologies to our regular readers, but a number of human spammers are posting comment-spam, so the only way to stop them is to moderate all comments.

Spammers, GO AWAY!

Plan your March Madness schedule ahead of time

If you are a hard core March Madness fan-addict, don't leave things to chance! Plan your March Madness ahead of time!

Here is the CBS Sports TV schedule, which includes the remaining games of the regular season, the conference tourney coverage, and of course their NCAA Tournament coverage which officially begins at 6pm eastern on Sunday March 15, 2009. A day we all love, Selection Sunday!

And while ESPN has no March Madness (except for the opening round game), they have plenty of games until the tourney begins. And they have finally cleaned up their TV schedule website, you can get very detailed day by day details of which games are available where. They (obviously) only list the ESPN family of networks, which pretty much covers most of the college hoops shown on TV.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

North Carolina collapses on the finish line and beats Miami

This was a good-news/bad-news type of a game for North Carolina and adds more intrigue to what we should see from them in the NCAA tourney in March. The last three years they have under-achieved by at least one round in the tourney!

The good news is that they managed to win on the road with Lawson under the weather and Hansbrough taken out by the defense. The bad news is that they had the game won (14 point lead) but got short-circuited offensively and let Miami come back in the game. Most coaches would have called two time-outs during the meltdown, but Ole Roy called ZERO, in keeping with the Dean Smith tradition of letting the players figure it out on their own. Back to the good news, it looks like when Lawson has the flu, he can't miss a shot. Also good news, this is the second game in a row where Lawson had a major impact during the second half, last time by penetrating the defense, this time by shooting over the defense.

Frank Haith has a great game plan and even without Dwayne Collins he managed to get close, oh-so-close yet so-far-away from beating UNC. Jimmy Graham was a stat-sheet-stuffer, and Jack McClinton pulled out another 35er from the hat. But no one else had consistent impact on the game and the Canes fell short of a win. This bodes well for Miami if they use their performance in this game as a spring-board for the next few games, and not as a "OMG we lost, goodbye 2008-2009!".

And one more thing, UNC may have stars and future-stars, but the MVP of this team is Danny Green. During the meltdown, it was Green's block that broke the Miami rhythm. It's not just that Green stuffs the stat-sheet, it's that he has impact on the game, with critical shots, blocks, steals and things like that. If UNC wins the championship in April, it will probably be thanks to Danny Green!

We are all Boston College fans this week!

Great job BC Eagles! Great job Al Skinner! Everyone should have clam chowder tonight! The BC Eagles have completed a home-court sweep of the two Carolina schools but the most exciting of both is the WIN over the Puke Dirt Devils! Go BC Go Eagles!

The expression on Ratzilla's face at the end of the game? PRICELESS!

Thank you Al Skinner! Thank you Boston College!

And they storm the court!

And the latest ACC standings? The crowning of UNC as the queen of the ACC - once again!

As we mentioned when Roy Williams took the UNC job, Ol'Roy would SMOKE Coach Ratzilla recruiting-wise, and we were VERY right. Look at the recruits, the rankings and more importantly, the SCOREBOARD!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Career advice/prediction: Nolan Smith, escape the Cave!

Now this would sound just plain silly, except we have a great track record in that in predicted the departure of Boykin and Taylor King very accurately. So our advice to Nolan Smith is to ESCAPE from the dungeons of Coach Krapula. He may be saying all sorts of crapola that makes Duke sound like Camelot, but the fact of the matter is that Coach Krapula drains the potential and life force of his players with each passing year. The earlier they bolt out, the better it is for their careers!

Just look at what he has done to countless star athletes, from Duhon, to Demarcus Nelson to that other kid from Texas. He "de-clawed" them offensively and turned them into zombies of what they used to be ;-)

So, Nolan Smith needs to get out of there and go someplace where he can actually grow and reach his own organic ceiling, and not be pigeon-holed by whatever Coach Krapula thinks he should be doing during the game. Which for most players means grabbing rebounds, jumping over the reporters, and slapping the floor ;-)

There plenty of potential destinations for NS, there's the family connection at Louisville, and he can certainly learn a lot from Pitino, but there are countless other BCS and high mid-major programs where his star would shine.

You can thank me later :-)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Should Zeller play this season at North Carolina?

What about Tyler Zeller?
Tyler, Tyson, Tyrell. Whatever his name is :) He will be returning to practice so the big question is whether he should play or "save" one year of eligibility.

The big question to ask when deciding this is simple: With the NBA's insatiable hunger for non-utility-post seven-footers, how likely is Ty Zeller to stay at UNC for four years? How likely is he to stay for three years? How about two years?

If the answer is three or less, then he should try to make a comeback and contribute. After all, he could end up with a RING in his pocket and then come back next year and have a Cole Aldrich type of a season.

In my opinion, if he is healthy enough and there is no further risk to his injury, he should return because he gives UNC a different dimension inside.

Consider the potential Final Four matchup of UConn vs UNC. None of the current UNC players has the height or weight to go after Hasheem-shot-blocking-Thabeet. Zeller would give them an alternative!

But it's not just UConn. How about foul trouble? With Ginyard and Graves gone, UNC does not have the luxury of playing Danny Green at the four spot for more than special situations. Grave is gone, so Copeland becomes the 4th big man. He is a rotation-caliber talent considering the rest of the line-up, and it only takes a small injury or foul-trouble for UNC to be "stuck" with just two bigs for an extended period of time during the game.

So with all that in mind, I say yes to Zeller returning.

Dirty Dookies get their head handed to them 101 times!

Dirty Dookies Done Dirt Cheap! Hip-hip Hooray! The Dookies LOST! The Dookies lost to "Ou-en-si"! The Dookies lost!

But before we get to that, we would like to point out the dirty play of yet another Dookie, this time Kyle Singler. It's a good thing there are cameras everywhere, because it exposes more and more of the dirty plays that go in the game. And by exposing them, it helps clean up the game!

If the Ratface-K was the papal coach he thinks he is, he should have suspended Kyle Singler out of his own free will for dirty play. It was a totally unnecessary elbow incident, and as the Coach of the National Team, and a "guardian of the game", Ratface-K should have made a strong statement by suspending Kyle Singler for a handful of games.

But of course we all know he won't, because he's not the Pope of college basketball, he is a pretentious weasel :-)

Okay, enough Colbert-Report-inspired Dookie-hating, now let's talk about the game :)

North Carolina at Duke Game Recap
Brett Favre ruined ESPN's big day. Instead of the family of networks talking about the UNC at Duke game non-stop, they had to waste countless hours on yet another fake Brent Favr (or whatever his name is) "retirement".

North Carolina started the game on fire. And we don't mean that as exaggeration! By the second media time-out, they were on pace to score 130 points. Two of their struggling rotation players, Neon-Deon Thompson and Bobby Lasor-Frasor were making just about everything they shot.

But we all know that was Camelot, and reality sank and so did their shooting percentages, while the Dookies starting sinking threes left and right.

During this segment UNC had a "Kansas-style" epic melt-down, with Roy Williams being "too proud" to call a time-out and stem the tide, following the Dean Smith rule-of-thumb of letting the players fight through it and figure it out.

But then reality sank in for the Dookies in the second half, and UNC slowly but steadily took over the game. Despite some mistakes and sprees by the Dookies, the game was never in-doubt, and UNC had the closest thing to a coasting (for such an intense rivarly game) to a big victory.

It was really funny how both Dick Vitale and Mike Patrick got really excited when Duke score or made a run ;-)

Vitale got in trouble at Cameron! His "base" told him that he's not praising the Dookies enough and he is praising UNC too much. For that, Vitali apologized publicly and live on the air ;-)

Roy's jacket fellout as he got angry at Tyler Hansbro for not calling out a jaw-breaker screen for one of his guards.

Watching the first half of the game validated what many people have known: North Carolina is a defense-optional resort :)

It was quite interesting to note that Ole Roy went to a four-shorties rotation towards the end of the game, with Green playing the four-spot, in an attempt to fight off the pressure and have better free throw shooting.

Coming in the next few hours:
* Opinion on Tyler Zeller (medical redshirt or play?)
* Opinion on Nolan Smith

Monday, February 09, 2009

Such a fake, Vitale now throws A-Rod under the bus

For years and years and years, Dookie Vitale he was singing the praises of A-Rod as the second coming of Michael Jordan. Someone just go through his recent game tapes on ESPN, and you'll find plenty of praises.

But today morning on Mike-and-Mike, like the real fake he is, Dookie Vitale threw A-Rod under the bus and rewrote their personal history.

I think it's time for Dick Vitale to follow Billy Packer. Their time is over, time for a new generation to take over.

Memphis destroys GoneZaga

But before we talk about the actual game, when it was the last time you heard a game really analyzed by the two basketball analysts? Bob Knight and Jay Bilas should be nominated for an ESPY for their performance as REAL college basketball analysts during the game. What a difference between listening to them versus Dookie Vitale! Holy cow. ESPN, make sure you have more Bilas/Knight duets in the future!

This game showed why GoneZaga has been having not-so-good March Madness runs. Austin Daye was playing the role of (now Laker) Ammo (but no public tears) ;-) They got punched in the mouth by Memphis and they simply couldn't wake up. Not until the backup point guard, Goodson and Ira Brown came in the game and added some "onions" to the floor. Then GoneZaga made a comeback, but despite the help from the crowd, it was too little too late.

This bodes well for Memphis as their new point-guard is Tyreke Evans 2.0, being more "point-guardy" than ever before. Maybe he had some ...Rosey tutorials?

This bodes not so well for Gonzaga. Their most likely NCAA scenario looks once again like a first or second round exit at the hands of a tough defensive team that can barely score 50 points ;-)

And it's really sad for Gonzaga, because once again, they have a boatload of talent.

And what may be the tombstone of this program as a national powerhouse (they are running on past-fumes) is that Mark Few may "return home" to Oregon next year.

Although perhaps Oregon may borrow a page from the Washington State book. If Dick Bennett who couldn't coach offense even if the opposing team had no defense was able to turn "remote" Washington State into a program, then imagine what Bob Knight could do at Oregon and with Nike's resources!

But would the socially progressive peoples of the Pacific Northwest accept an authoritarian bully with an anger-management problem and a long history of issues as their new head coach?

On the plus side, there are plenty of woods there for Bob Knight to go hunt, and who knows, he may be he is the one who shoots down a real BigFoot ;-)

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Jay Bilas confesses to East Coast Bias

On the 9am pacific (noon eastern) edition of GameDay on ESPN, Jay Bilas confessed to an East Coast Bias! Confessed! No lawyer-speak, no ifs, no butts, no conditionals. He flat out confessed!

And then the artist currently known as "Digger Phelps" revealed one of the real reasons for the east-coast-bias: The Pac-10 left ESPN for Fox!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Pat Summit Tribute on ESPN Classic starts at 6am Friday!

A very big congratulations to Pat Summitt for getting win #1000 tonight. That is an amazing achievement! It's tiring to watch 1000 games, let alone WIN them!!!!

ESPN Classic will be celebrating this milestone with the Pat Summit Tribute starting at 6am eastern on Friday, and showing all eight national championship games, along with tonight's game, the one that gave her win #1000. So be sure to set your VCRs and DVRs to record ESPN Classic early tomorrow!

I thought I was dreaming: OMG Clemson did blow-out Duke!

I wasn't sure last night. I thought I dreamt it all. But when I checked the newspapers, the websites, the blogs, the forums and the tape, I realized it wasn't a true! IT WAS FOR REAL!

Clemson managed to disintegrate and decompose the "feared" Duke 7-man offense and 7-man defense! OMG! It really happened!

Thank you Clemson!
Thank you Oliver!
Thank you Tigers!
Thank you South Carolina!
Thank you Stephen Colbert!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

We are all Clemson fans today!

Finally a February where we don't have to talk about the epic meltdown of Clemson. Finally, a February where Clemson has a MAN-SIZED VICTORY over a top tier team! Finally! And that is good news because this is a coach and a team that deserved success! Finally!

And that is made a whole lot more sweeter because they DEMOLISHED DUKE. They RUINED Duke. They gave Coach Ratzilla orange nightmares for years to come! They made Jay Bilas and Mike Patrick cry during the telecast. Bilas was admonishing Clemson players when they were beating Duke by 30, while playing down the epic meltdown of the Dookie pukie overrated spoiled brats!

And on top of that, Terrence Oglesby was auditioning at the end of the game for the next "White Men Can't Dunk" movie ;-)

We are all Clemson fans today!!!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Can we please teach the media what an Upset is?

This is probably the 342134th time this is revisited, but there are so many clueless people in the media - including ESPN - that call everything an upset. If #4 team beats #1 team at their own home court, they call it an upset because it's #4 over #1. Even though it may be a conference game and at the home of the #4 team. That my friends, is NOT an upset.

What is an Upset?
An upset is Southwest Dakota Sister of the Poor Junior College beating Texas Tech in Texas!

An upset is Rutgers beating UConn at Gumbel Pavillion.

An upset is Oregon State beating North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

An upset is Penn State beating Michigan State at Izzo Dome.

An upset is the referees calling more fouls on Duke than the opponent.

Great touch: The Skip Prosser Classic!

We tip our hat to Wake Forest and Xavier for working together to set up the brand new Skip Prosser Classic. The late Skip Prosser coaches at both places and was one of the most respected college basketball coaches and teachers of all time. The first game in the 10-year series will take place in the 2009-2010 season.

Monday, February 02, 2009

UConn a class apart of Louisville

Freedom Hall, PitinoVille, bring them on! They got no Hasheem-shot-blocking-Thabeet! Thabeet and the three gads (guards for those who don't speak Calhounese) sealed the game fairly early for UConn. As we mentioned last Christmas, UConn is on a five-year championship cycle, and according to the numbers, they are expected to win this championship. Keep that in mind when filling in your brackets in March!

Perhaps tonight we saw the real Louisville team, not the 8-0 Big East team, not the Western Kentucky mess, but what this team is likely to be like in March. T-Will had a career high, Earl Clark had a career low. Speaking of Earl Clark, the only type of basket he was able to make was a goal-tend, and that's only because it did not depend on him to score (OUCH!)

Pitino may have lots of guards, but no one can really score on-demand like AJ Price or Slice-n-Dyson. Pitino even tried "Katie" Kuric, but not Will Scott or R. Delk but no outside shooting out of those.

So, what does this say about March? UConn has a lot of weapons but some holes too, however, having a game-changer like Thabeet is more than enough for a chance at a Championship run.

Louisville on the other hand may have some good-news/bad-news. The good-news is that Samardo Samuels is likely going to have to stay for four years. The bad-news is that they may have an Elite 8 ceiling. But the NCAA tourney is single-elimination, so if they get a good draw or have a hot shooting night, they could squeak to the Final Four. Realistically though - unless something changes - this looks like a Sweet-16 to Elite-8 team.

Bob Knight not not-interested in the Georgia job

It looks like perhaps there was a method to the Pat Knight madness. Breaking news earlier today on ESPN News, the General, Robert Montgomerry Knight would not object to an offer from Georgia. And if would not object to an offer from Georgia, he would probably not object to an offer from many other teams from BCS conferences that has a chance at "recruiting".

That also means that Pat Knight will probably be on exit orbit at Texas Tech, and then follow crazy-daddy to his new job as the deputy, and then after Bob Knight "squares out" the new program, then he retires and goes hunting, and Pat Knight takes over once again.

Bob Knight is many things, but dumb is not one of them. His stint at ESPN served as a free image-makeover, showing a softer side of Knight, and essentially "interviewing" every ...night for potential jobs by showing his understanding of the game and his ability to work with the media.

The Madness of King Poll

The new ESPN/USA poll is out and it's a parade of oddities as usual, with both Duke and North Carolina finishing ahead of Wake Forest, despite the undisputed fact that Wake Forest beat both of them. Beat both of them. Granted, both victories were at their home court, but can Wake get some love?

Granted, all teams are flawed, there is no head-above-shoulders favorite. After all, UNC was crowned the preseason #1 when both super-defender Marcus Ginyard and game-changing 7-footer Zeller were factored in. It looks like neither one is a factor this season!

In other poll news, the Blog Poll is now going to be integrated into a bigger poll. More on that later.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Madness of the Knights - Suspend Pat Knight now!

While ESPN is seeing the softer side of Bob Knight, Big 12 fans are seeing that the craziness has been transfered from father to son, as Pat Knight goes ref-wild and goes after the zebras Mike-Davis-style. Obviously he got ejected and if he wasn't blocked out by his assistants a few times, he could have committed a crime or two!

This is a very embarrassing situation and perhaps a sign of the shape of things to come, namely Pat Knight following the path of another prodigal son, the Eddie Sutton son getting kicked out of Oklahoma State.

While not as grouchy and angry-24x7 as the Suttons, the Knights have much more dramatic explosions when they get fired up.

This is very embarrassing for the profession and the sport, and if the Texas Tech university or the Big-12 conference have the academic cojones, they should suspend Pat Knight for at least a few games for acting like a WWF/WWE bozo!

Will the ESPN personalities ask Bob Knight to comment about this situation? Or will they continue to put the "s" in sycophant? :)

SuperBowl Collector's Set (20 discs, 40 SuperBowls)

Amazon celebrates the SuperBowl with a special offer of the day, the SuperBowl Collector's Set (I through XL (1 to 40)) offered for just $55 and with free shipping and handling. This set has 20 discs and covers the first forty SuperBowls. The total runtime is 2836 minutes, which is roughly 47 hours.

Please note that the DVDs do NOT include the full play-by-play SuperBowl games, but they include according to the product description:

"live the excitement of ALL 40 Super Bowls and the seasons leading up to each big game in one special 20-disc collector's set loaded with defining highlights, enhanced content and exclusive memorabilia. A must-own for every football fan."

For more SuperBowl-related DVD titles, check what else Amazon has to offer.

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