Monday, February 23, 2009

Louisville at Georgetown recap

It is really sad that a team with a unique style of play, talented players and a special player like Greg Monroe is not going to make the NCAA tourney. Granted, all is not lost, if they win their remaining regular season games and pick up three or more wins in the Big East conference tourney, then they can let their very strong ...SOS lift them into the bubble and perhaps into the field of 65!

Chris Wright played really hard but he almost made some dumb decisions, like launching three wild, desperation threes during the first half.

But ultimately, it was "Sosa time" who sealed the game late in the second half when Georgetown was building up momentum, but "Sosa time" came out of a Pitino-called time-out, used all 35 seconds of the possession and ended with a bucket at the 35.

Louisville is starting to look good again, starting to look like the team the pre-season magazines were ranking very high. Samardo Samuels is making progress, the big men coming off the bench are making progress, Sosa is more under control, and the threes are dropping. And oh yes, they still have T-Will and Earl Cla(r)k.

On the announcers part, Len Elmore had an epic joke-fail with "Mon"/Monster/Monroe, while Mike Patrick said another classic stupid MP-thing, this time with 90-seconds left and Georgetown fouling left and right, he thought that T-Will (who was three assists short) was "dangerously close" to a triple-double.

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