Monday, February 02, 2009

UConn a class apart of Louisville

Freedom Hall, PitinoVille, bring them on! They got no Hasheem-shot-blocking-Thabeet! Thabeet and the three gads (guards for those who don't speak Calhounese) sealed the game fairly early for UConn. As we mentioned last Christmas, UConn is on a five-year championship cycle, and according to the numbers, they are expected to win this championship. Keep that in mind when filling in your brackets in March!

Perhaps tonight we saw the real Louisville team, not the 8-0 Big East team, not the Western Kentucky mess, but what this team is likely to be like in March. T-Will had a career high, Earl Clark had a career low. Speaking of Earl Clark, the only type of basket he was able to make was a goal-tend, and that's only because it did not depend on him to score (OUCH!)

Pitino may have lots of guards, but no one can really score on-demand like AJ Price or Slice-n-Dyson. Pitino even tried "Katie" Kuric, but not Will Scott or R. Delk but no outside shooting out of those.

So, what does this say about March? UConn has a lot of weapons but some holes too, however, having a game-changer like Thabeet is more than enough for a chance at a Championship run.

Louisville on the other hand may have some good-news/bad-news. The good-news is that Samardo Samuels is likely going to have to stay for four years. The bad-news is that they may have an Elite 8 ceiling. But the NCAA tourney is single-elimination, so if they get a good draw or have a hot shooting night, they could squeak to the Final Four. Realistically though - unless something changes - this looks like a Sweet-16 to Elite-8 team.

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