Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Can we please teach the media what an Upset is?

This is probably the 342134th time this is revisited, but there are so many clueless people in the media - including ESPN - that call everything an upset. If #4 team beats #1 team at their own home court, they call it an upset because it's #4 over #1. Even though it may be a conference game and at the home of the #4 team. That my friends, is NOT an upset.

What is an Upset?
An upset is Southwest Dakota Sister of the Poor Junior College beating Texas Tech in Texas!

An upset is Rutgers beating UConn at Gumbel Pavillion.

An upset is Oregon State beating North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

An upset is Penn State beating Michigan State at Izzo Dome.

An upset is the referees calling more fouls on Duke than the opponent.

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