Sunday, February 01, 2009

SuperBowl Collector's Set (20 discs, 40 SuperBowls)

Amazon celebrates the SuperBowl with a special offer of the day, the SuperBowl Collector's Set (I through XL (1 to 40)) offered for just $55 and with free shipping and handling. This set has 20 discs and covers the first forty SuperBowls. The total runtime is 2836 minutes, which is roughly 47 hours.

Please note that the DVDs do NOT include the full play-by-play SuperBowl games, but they include according to the product description:

"live the excitement of ALL 40 Super Bowls and the seasons leading up to each big game in one special 20-disc collector's set loaded with defining highlights, enhanced content and exclusive memorabilia. A must-own for every football fan."

For more SuperBowl-related DVD titles, check what else Amazon has to offer.

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