Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Madness of the Knights - Suspend Pat Knight now!

While ESPN is seeing the softer side of Bob Knight, Big 12 fans are seeing that the craziness has been transfered from father to son, as Pat Knight goes ref-wild and goes after the zebras Mike-Davis-style. Obviously he got ejected and if he wasn't blocked out by his assistants a few times, he could have committed a crime or two!

This is a very embarrassing situation and perhaps a sign of the shape of things to come, namely Pat Knight following the path of another prodigal son, the Eddie Sutton son getting kicked out of Oklahoma State.

While not as grouchy and angry-24x7 as the Suttons, the Knights have much more dramatic explosions when they get fired up.

This is very embarrassing for the profession and the sport, and if the Texas Tech university or the Big-12 conference have the academic cojones, they should suspend Pat Knight for at least a few games for acting like a WWF/WWE bozo!

Will the ESPN personalities ask Bob Knight to comment about this situation? Or will they continue to put the "s" in sycophant? :)

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