Monday, February 09, 2009

Memphis destroys GoneZaga

But before we talk about the actual game, when it was the last time you heard a game really analyzed by the two basketball analysts? Bob Knight and Jay Bilas should be nominated for an ESPY for their performance as REAL college basketball analysts during the game. What a difference between listening to them versus Dookie Vitale! Holy cow. ESPN, make sure you have more Bilas/Knight duets in the future!

This game showed why GoneZaga has been having not-so-good March Madness runs. Austin Daye was playing the role of (now Laker) Ammo (but no public tears) ;-) They got punched in the mouth by Memphis and they simply couldn't wake up. Not until the backup point guard, Goodson and Ira Brown came in the game and added some "onions" to the floor. Then GoneZaga made a comeback, but despite the help from the crowd, it was too little too late.

This bodes well for Memphis as their new point-guard is Tyreke Evans 2.0, being more "point-guardy" than ever before. Maybe he had some ...Rosey tutorials?

This bodes not so well for Gonzaga. Their most likely NCAA scenario looks once again like a first or second round exit at the hands of a tough defensive team that can barely score 50 points ;-)

And it's really sad for Gonzaga, because once again, they have a boatload of talent.

And what may be the tombstone of this program as a national powerhouse (they are running on past-fumes) is that Mark Few may "return home" to Oregon next year.

Although perhaps Oregon may borrow a page from the Washington State book. If Dick Bennett who couldn't coach offense even if the opposing team had no defense was able to turn "remote" Washington State into a program, then imagine what Bob Knight could do at Oregon and with Nike's resources!

But would the socially progressive peoples of the Pacific Northwest accept an authoritarian bully with an anger-management problem and a long history of issues as their new head coach?

On the plus side, there are plenty of woods there for Bob Knight to go hunt, and who knows, he may be he is the one who shoots down a real BigFoot ;-)

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