Friday, February 20, 2009

NCAA leeches please stop the Daniel Hackett witch-hunt

Stupid NCAA, always wasting money on the wrong things. The latest example of these failed politicians-turned-bureaucrats is the investigation *cough* witch-hunt *cough* of Daniel Hackett for not paying tuition because he is the son of a university employee, his dad who is on the basketball staff as a S&C coach.

The NCAA is a big LEECH on student athletes. While the student-athletes spend countless hours working and providing the games that millions want to watch, the NCAA jabba-the-huts (verb) the billions in revenues and sponsorships.

Enough of these weasels leeching and nickel-diming the student athletes.

Want a stimulus package for the economy? Take the money away from the NCAA and university bureaucrats and distribute it to all the student athletes past and present as part of a class-action settlement!

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