Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Zeller returns as UNC beats NC State

Not much of a rivalry in terms of competitiveness but NC State fought and by no means let UNC walk all over them, but at the same time, the outcome of the game in the second half was never really in doubt. As the G-Man put it, the pressure from the UNC offense makes the opponent "say uncle" at some point during the game.

We are glad UNC listened to our advice and brought back Tyler Zeller. He's highly unlikely to have stayed there an extra four years, so he did the right thing, and by doing so, he has a reasonable chance of a Final Four appearance and quite possible The One Ring.

But I still have my doubts on this UNC team, even with Zeller. They may have better talent or potential on the roster than the 2005 team, but they don't seem to have that killer instinct of the 2005 team. So what will happen? March Madness will!

NC State is progressing, and obviously last season Sidney Lowe beat expectations, but in a conference like the ACC, it takes more than just two seasons to rise to the top. Take a look at Florida State, Leonard Hamilton's rebuilding is finally turning into an NCAA bid.

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