Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dirty Dookies get their head handed to them 101 times!

Dirty Dookies Done Dirt Cheap! Hip-hip Hooray! The Dookies LOST! The Dookies lost to "Ou-en-si"! The Dookies lost!

But before we get to that, we would like to point out the dirty play of yet another Dookie, this time Kyle Singler. It's a good thing there are cameras everywhere, because it exposes more and more of the dirty plays that go in the game. And by exposing them, it helps clean up the game!

If the Ratface-K was the papal coach he thinks he is, he should have suspended Kyle Singler out of his own free will for dirty play. It was a totally unnecessary elbow incident, and as the Coach of the National Team, and a "guardian of the game", Ratface-K should have made a strong statement by suspending Kyle Singler for a handful of games.

But of course we all know he won't, because he's not the Pope of college basketball, he is a pretentious weasel :-)

Okay, enough Colbert-Report-inspired Dookie-hating, now let's talk about the game :)

North Carolina at Duke Game Recap
Brett Favre ruined ESPN's big day. Instead of the family of networks talking about the UNC at Duke game non-stop, they had to waste countless hours on yet another fake Brent Favr (or whatever his name is) "retirement".

North Carolina started the game on fire. And we don't mean that as exaggeration! By the second media time-out, they were on pace to score 130 points. Two of their struggling rotation players, Neon-Deon Thompson and Bobby Lasor-Frasor were making just about everything they shot.

But we all know that was Camelot, and reality sank and so did their shooting percentages, while the Dookies starting sinking threes left and right.

During this segment UNC had a "Kansas-style" epic melt-down, with Roy Williams being "too proud" to call a time-out and stem the tide, following the Dean Smith rule-of-thumb of letting the players fight through it and figure it out.

But then reality sank in for the Dookies in the second half, and UNC slowly but steadily took over the game. Despite some mistakes and sprees by the Dookies, the game was never in-doubt, and UNC had the closest thing to a coasting (for such an intense rivarly game) to a big victory.

It was really funny how both Dick Vitale and Mike Patrick got really excited when Duke score or made a run ;-)

Vitale got in trouble at Cameron! His "base" told him that he's not praising the Dookies enough and he is praising UNC too much. For that, Vitali apologized publicly and live on the air ;-)

Roy's jacket fellout as he got angry at Tyler Hansbro for not calling out a jaw-breaker screen for one of his guards.

Watching the first half of the game validated what many people have known: North Carolina is a defense-optional resort :)

It was quite interesting to note that Ole Roy went to a four-shorties rotation towards the end of the game, with Green playing the four-spot, in an attempt to fight off the pressure and have better free throw shooting.

Coming in the next few hours:
* Opinion on Tyler Zeller (medical redshirt or play?)
* Opinion on Nolan Smith

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