Friday, February 13, 2009

Career advice/prediction: Nolan Smith, escape the Cave!

Now this would sound just plain silly, except we have a great track record in that in predicted the departure of Boykin and Taylor King very accurately. So our advice to Nolan Smith is to ESCAPE from the dungeons of Coach Krapula. He may be saying all sorts of crapola that makes Duke sound like Camelot, but the fact of the matter is that Coach Krapula drains the potential and life force of his players with each passing year. The earlier they bolt out, the better it is for their careers!

Just look at what he has done to countless star athletes, from Duhon, to Demarcus Nelson to that other kid from Texas. He "de-clawed" them offensively and turned them into zombies of what they used to be ;-)

So, Nolan Smith needs to get out of there and go someplace where he can actually grow and reach his own organic ceiling, and not be pigeon-holed by whatever Coach Krapula thinks he should be doing during the game. Which for most players means grabbing rebounds, jumping over the reporters, and slapping the floor ;-)

There plenty of potential destinations for NS, there's the family connection at Louisville, and he can certainly learn a lot from Pitino, but there are countless other BCS and high mid-major programs where his star would shine.

You can thank me later :-)

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