Wednesday, February 04, 2009

We are all Clemson fans today!

Finally a February where we don't have to talk about the epic meltdown of Clemson. Finally, a February where Clemson has a MAN-SIZED VICTORY over a top tier team! Finally! And that is good news because this is a coach and a team that deserved success! Finally!

And that is made a whole lot more sweeter because they DEMOLISHED DUKE. They RUINED Duke. They gave Coach Ratzilla orange nightmares for years to come! They made Jay Bilas and Mike Patrick cry during the telecast. Bilas was admonishing Clemson players when they were beating Duke by 30, while playing down the epic meltdown of the Dookie pukie overrated spoiled brats!

And on top of that, Terrence Oglesby was auditioning at the end of the game for the next "White Men Can't Dunk" movie ;-)

We are all Clemson fans today!!!

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