Monday, February 06, 2006

RPI, Rankings and Bracketology (Links)

This lists will grow organically to include various RPI ratings, power ratings/rankings and Bracketology links. If you have any links, just let me know or add them as a comment and I will update the site.


KenPom RPI
Warren Nolan RPI

Power Ratings Saggarin Ratings
Ken Pomeroy's Ratings
Warren Nolan's Nitty Gritty Report - color-coded with all the trends. Very nicely done!


Joe Lunardi's Bracketology
Bracketology 101
The Bracket Board Brackets
Warren Nolan Brackets


Ken Pomeroy Stats


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

All the braketology babble I've seen so far has the SEC getting 4 teams into the tourney (FL, TN, KY & Vandy). Well the SEC tourney proved what we in the SEC know, that the conference is tough top to bottom (as always) and should/will get more than 4 teams in. If the four above mentions were the only teams in the SEC of any worth then they would have been the ones playing today ( and yes it could have happened if LSU hadn't beat TN, and Miss St hadn't beat KY, and Arkansas hadn't beat Vandy for the second time this season). So make room on your brackets for at least one more SEC team, heck - if there's justice in the world maybe two.

ncaahoops said...

I agree top to bottom the SEC is the toughest top to bottom conference. During one of the free previews of Full Court I watched the SEC teams that usually don't appear on national TV and I was convinced that the bottom two teams of the SEC were better than the bottom two teams of any other conference.

I think part of the reason why the SEC doesn't get as much national respect is because there isn't a strong contebder behind Florida.

Since the NCAA selection is [allegedly] done using the S-curve it is possible that a conference can have all Top 50 teams but only get 4 in the NCAA because of 34 at-large bids and bid-stealers. They certainly deserve NIT bids though...

Anonymous said...

I'll say this. Air Force, Purdue, or Stanford should not get bids over Missouri St. And I'll add GT, FSU, and Kan St. to that list also. And as far as the "what have you done for me lately" factor, I think Duke should get Snubbed!!! Too much respect for acc,sec,be,b10 pac-10,and big12.

ncaahoops said...

I've seen Stanford play with Brook Lopez and Anthony Goods in the line-up and they are definately one of the Top 40 teams with those two in the line-up. That's probably why Stanford was included.

I'm not sure why Purdue/Illinois were included, perhaps because there was a Big10 person in the ctme!

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