Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Meet the BlogPoll Top 25 participating Bloggers!

You may have seen the preseason Blogger's Poll mentioned here and in other blogs. If you haven't, here it is!

Now let's meet the blogs who are participating in the poll. Forgive the awkward transitions and segways but I'm more of a reader than a writer. March to Madness is doing a great job in administering and organizing the blogger's poll. With Midnight Madness just hours away, the March to March has just began!

The good, the bad and the dirty of SEC Hoops covers SEC Hoops and beyond. Staying in the SEC, A Sea of Blue is a Kentucky blog but has stories of interest to all basketball fans.

March Madness All Season has an on-going magazine-size and beyond preview of the 2007-2008 season. No trees harmed and your wallet remains in your pocket. This time of the year is indeed College Hoops Heaven, a blog that covers Big 5 Hoops in Philly and beyond. A must read blog for Phil "Dave Letterman" Martelli fans.

We are just weeks away from fans Rushing the Court after a big home win. And I can guarantee you there will be quite a few, because there's almost 5000 regular season games per year. Shockers and surprises are statistically unavoidable!

The above were the blogs that were part of the Blogger's Poll IPO. Since then, a new wave of basketball investors have jumped in. No, unfortunately there's no Maria Bartiromo, not just yet, but don't lose hope! TarHeel Mania covers UNC sports, but they also have a very nice portrait of Coach K.

And beating Coach K's team usually guarantees that fans will be Storming the Floor in jubilation and Vitale will be crying in desperation. STF has an on-going season preview with previews of the Big 12, SEC, Pac 10 and the ACC.

Next blog is A Pudge is a Sandwich, a Wordpress sports blog. Find out what's in the sandwich! Next we have something that ESPN badly needs, West Coast Basketball bias, which is the subject of Pissken at the Buzzer.

And there you have it, an intro to the eleven blogs participating in the Blogger's College Basketball Top 25 Poll!

But wait there's more! A new wave of Bloggers have joined the BlogPoll Top25! Let's meet them:

Storming the Court is a college basketball blog covering the world of college basketball.

George Mason Basketball covers the world of George MASON college hoops and the CAA, because as they say "mid major fans are people too!". Tell that to Vitale!

Speaking of Vitale, Super, Scintillating and Sarcastic offers College basketball commentary that won't make your ears bleed.

Also joining in is College Hoops Journal, an all-inclusive college basketball news and opinion site.

Vegas Watch covers the world of sports including college hoops too!

If you are a blogger and interested in joining the BlogPoll Top 25, just let any of the participating bloggers know!


kurt w said...

Thanks for the intro!

ncaahoops said...

You are welcome! I hope I haven't left anyone out!

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