Friday, December 07, 2007

West Virginia vs Auburn Does that website exist? :) Not because they were blown out, but four years into his tenure and he still has trouble filling up his roster and he is still playing small ball - not by choice. His team was playing a home-neutral game, just two hours away from home, "hosting" Bob Thuggins and the Beilein Offenders who became Defenders after Huggins stumbled into town.

West Virginia grabbed the reigns (no horses hurt during this phrase) and never looked back. It looked like a glorified Thugineers practice, with all sorts of dunks, three pointers, back-cuts, back-doors, open-doors in the key, and such. Joe Alexander stole the show with his versatility (please don't mention that Woody H. movie) and Alex Ruoff with his "shootability".

It is amazing when you stop and think at what Bob Huggins was able to do in just two seasons. He single-handedly brought back Kansas State back to life, he recruited potentially the #1 NBA Draft pick (okay, he recruited Delonte Hill who brought Beasley with him), and he made them relevant. Then he takes off, takes over Beilein-ball, a team that plays about as diametrically opposed to Thuggins-ball as possible, he turns them into rebounders and defenders, and he is able to adapt and use the Beilein offense principles.

If you set aside the off-court issues, can you not make a case for Bob Huggins at least in the College Basketball Hall of Fame?

More on this game from the Mountaineer Sports Network and Razorback network.

PS> I forgot to mention that some of Jimmy Dykes's comments on the Jimmy V event seemed a bit out of phase as if he was in a different dimension that last few years. Then again we are talking Dog and Pony show specialist Jimmy Dykes :)

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