Monday, December 10, 2007

Cal at Kansas State

In yet another unofficial Big 12 Pac 10 Hardwood Series Challenge Invitational, the Cal Bears and Kansas State squared off in the snow. The real Billy Walker that was a top 10 2007 recruit when he was in high school showed up with a career high in points and rebounds putting 30 points on the Cal Bears and being very solid at the free throw line. This despite Cal "containing" Beasley to a 19/10 or so game.

Frank Martin reshuffled his line-up and it paid off. The starting gig got Billy Walker fired up, and Clent Stewart returned as he continues to recover from his injury. Also in the line-up he inserted high-energy Merriewether (sp?). If Billy Walker plays at a 20/10 game level, and one of the wings is able to hit three, watch out Big 12!

Cal started each half with spectacular blocks on Beasley from DeVon Hardin. But Hardin got two early foul troubles that essentially removed him from the game. Ben Braun needs to trade two of his one hundred forwards/centers for two guards because he only has two guards and one walk-on. How can a team with so many big men not be able to recruit guards? Hello Ben Braun? And on top of that, Jamal Boykin will become eligible at the end of the semester, giving them anotere versatile team player in the rotation.

Cal looked a lot better than I expected given that DeVon Hardin was taken out of the flow of the game, and Boykin is not there yet. The biggest question mark for Cal is the little guys, Randle is too tiny, Knezevic may be a bit too mid-majorish, and those are the two starting guards at the moment. But Anderson and Vierneisel (sp?) are good ball handlers which can help the situation.

More on this game at, video highlights from Fox Sports, a recap from, Merc News, and Cal Rivals.

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