Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Week #4 of the Blog Poll Top 25 is published!

Week #4 of the Blog Poll Top 25 has been published! With more than a dozen bloggers participating this is an exciting poll! If you are interested in joining, just let any participating blogger know! Here it is, the week #4 blogpoll top 25, stored in a Google Doc for your convenience.

SPOILER ALERT! The following discussion reveals the top 25. If you don't want to be spoiled, visit the link above first to see the top 25, then come back here for the discussion ;-)

The Calipari Tigers retained their #1 spot, with North Carolina being hot on their ...heels. Rick Barnes "run and gun show" has jumped all the way to #3 after managing to hold back a patented Ben Howland desperate comeback and beat UCLA at Pauly.

The Dookies managed to jump ahead of Georgetown (GASP!) at the #6 spot, while the first mid-major-conference team (other than Memphis) is Butler at #9, up two slots from last week.

Two teams that I love to pick on, Clemson and Pitt, are at #18 and #19. I pick on them because they play soft or easy schedules, pile up the games, but when the going gets tough, they collapse like a house of cards. So, until Clemson and Pitt prove me wrong by beating a top 25 team, no top 25 for them :-) Sorry to disappoint Tiger-Panther fans.

Vandy is the only newcomer this week at #23, and it replaces the Southern Illinois Salukis. Last week I attempted a failed motion to proceed on a motion to consider a non-binding resolution to remove the Salukis from the Top 25. But they are gone now :-)

Just outside the top 25 we have Arizona, Saint Mary's of NoCal, Stanford, the aforementioned Salukis wrestling team, Davidson, West Hugginsville, Wisconsin, UAB (woohoo!) and Kansas State.

For a partial list of participating bloggers, check this intro to the top 25 blogpoll blogpost (I need to update the list with the newer bloggers). But if you look at the Top 25 Google Doc, the name of each blog will take you to the aforementioned blog so you can pay them a visit. Then you can bookmark them, and visit them every day and make them Technorati Faves, and submit them to Digg, and then starting talking like Dick Vitale. Your programming is now complete ;-)

You can also compare the BlogPoll Top 25 with the latest RPI ( RPI).

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