Friday, December 21, 2007

Preview: Georgetown at Memphis, tomorrow's big game

A big game tomorrow on ESPN and ESPN-HD, perhaps a preview of the Final Four or an Elite 8 matchup, the Georgetown Hoyas travel to the FedEx Forum in Memphis to square off with the Calipari Tigers.

Of course we all know it's just a game, and unlike football, winning or losing won't make or break the season of either one of the teams. But nevertheless it's certainly fun and a nice notch to have on their NCAA selection committee bedpost.

So the big questions, can the Calipari bigs handle Roy Hibbert? Will Calipari go to his two beef-eaters, Pierre Niles and Hashim Bailey to bruise Hibbert? Will Georgetown run? Will they try some of the Tim Floyd junk offenses? Can Memphis win in a half-court game against a tough solid well-coached team? How much impact will the home court advantage play? What impact will the early start of the game have?

The game tips off at 3pm eastern (12pm pacific) on ESPN and ESPN-HD. For more of the many many exciting games on TV, be sure to visit and bookmark our December 2007 college hoops tv schedule.

Long list of game previews on the net
If you really want to get into the game, be sure to check all these previews of the big game! Let's get started: Hoops Skills blog, Rivals, SEC Talk blog, and even social bookmarking site digg has sniffed up the game.

More previews: Go Tigers Go!, CSTV, Hoya Hoops, CSTV's Hangtime slog. A slog is not a slug. A slog is a sports blog, a term CSTV seems to love to use despite its silly sound :)

And some more previews, The Van Buren Boys, The Bracket Board, WKRN, Rutland Herald, Yahoo Sports, and the Washington Post.

Did you read all the previews above and want some more? Okay, fine, have it your way! Here's some more: ESPN, Yahoo News, Ball Hype, and U of M Tigers.

Okay, I think this is a good sampling of the many previews this game is getting! There's plenty more, and I just couldn't include every single one of them. Be sure to read them all, because there will be a pop-up quiz tomorrow before tip-off ;-)

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