Monday, December 03, 2007

My Blog Poll Top 25 Week 4 Vote has been cast!

The vote for Week Four of the BlogPoll Top 25 has been cast! As promised last week, the winner of the Poll I posted (currently in the right sidebar of this blog), would get my #1 vote. And it sure did, UCLA got the #1 vote. Their loss late last night did not have enough time to affect the poll vote which closed earlier today.

My last team out was Saint Mary's, UAB came in as the wildcard/dark horse, and Vandy got some love at #24. Other rankings of note, Butler is #8, Duke #5 as much as I hate voting them so high, Xavier at #13, Gonzaga back at #19 after a tough cookie performance against UConn and MartelliVille, USC at #17, BYU at #18. I am slowly starting to "believe" in Izzo State (#20), but I'm very interested to see how they will do when they visit BYU in Utah next weekend. Prove me wrong, Izzo State :)

My top 25 teams for week #4 are listed in this Google Document (HTML).

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