Saturday, September 30, 2006

Weekend update

  • Life without Adam Morrison at Gonzaga. A story by CBS Sportsline. Interestingly they go through the story and they only mention one current Gonzaga player (Derek Raivioli). A lazy writer? :-)
  • Lots of Recruiting news including a UCLA -vs- Clark Francis controversy on the (non)recruitment of SoCal phenom Brandon Jennings, as well as a few more verbals for 2007 and beyond, including two 7-footers making their mind up - at least for now, since verbals are not binding
  • CHN updates their 144 previews with Southern Illinois, New Mexico State (an all-transfer team), Wichita State, Texas Tech (are they serious?), Arkansas, BYU (nope), FSU, Michigan and GW.
  • Luke Winn of CNNSI is becoming the new online Andy Katz as his blog is 100% free. Some of the recent topics covered in his blog: Mascot activism and recruiting (Illinois), and old and new feature on Tennessee, UConn and Washington (comparing this vs last year's teams, including some number crunching!).
  • Andy did you hear about this one? In his blog he talks about teams still trying to complete their schedules, Adidas pulling out of the summer sneaker camps, Jawann McClellan recovery nicely, while Pac-10 foe Stanford has Collins-twins flashbacks once again as Brook Lopez is sidelined after a back surgery.
  • CSTV Daily News is as always jam-packed with news from various universities such as UW, Nova, Marshall, Brown, Marquette, Purdue, Auburn, Indiana, George Mason (featured on ESPNU's Midnight Madness on October 13), Iowa, USF, Cal, Dusquene, Kansas and a lot more. Some topics covered: Ryan Amoroso (former Marquette player famous for a high-scoring game at the Alaska Shootout in November 2005) lands at San Diego State (07-08 eligible) and recently renewed Steve Fisher. More schedules are announced. USC honors the memory of Ryan Francis with a scholarship. A Duke-vs-Carolina U-Wire duo of stories: Wes Miller as a senior leader and Puke's much-ado-about-nothing story on the choice of captains for this season. Bucknell celebrates 100% graduation rates.
  • CSTV's Bryan Graham has a jam-packed write-up covering scheduling in the A-10, BYU at UCLA, a trivia question, Morrow's injury, two for the Chowd BBall hall of fame, and Phil Martelli's recruiting.
  • Graduation rates should be taken with Tylenol. An increase of just 1%. But NCAA Czar Myles Brand spins the numbers just like any CEO would. Men's basketball again had the worst graduation rate of any sport, 59 percent, but the NCAA number was much higher than the federal figure (45 percent)
  • Morgan Wooten (not to be confused with John Wooden), is honored by the Basketball Hall of Fame
  • You can't keep Gene Keady away! He is back! as a member of the NIT selection committee that is :-)
  • The Hofstra Pride gets some love at CBS Sportsline.
  • Gary Parrish (not Paris, no relation to Paris Hilton), blogs about two Alaska Fairbanks players stealing laptops. Yes laptops, following the example of the UConn duo of last year. This will probably turn Alaska Fairbanks into a complete cupcake during the Alaska Shootout preseason tourney on ESPN (week of thanksgiving - feast week). And a look at his mailbag with more drama and bickering as usual
  • As if that wasn't bad enough for the NCAA hoops image, and for Iowa given the much publicized Pierce case, two potential starters of the 2006-2007 Iowa team, Mike Henderson and prep-brewed Tyler Smith were charged with theft at Dillard's. I'm sure Steve Alford emphrasized stealing during the game, but probably not this time of stealing... Double standards are usually the case in these situations where the coach has some disgression. Usually the more talented a player and the more PT/contributions, the more lenient a coach gets :-)
  • And now some good news, Harvey Perry has recovered from his injury and expects to have a nice season at UW (Washington Huskies).
  • Mike DeCourcy looks into the Big East Monster's eyes. While the numeric comparison is valid (8 tourney teams), the percentage is nowhere near what the ACC used to get (7 out of 9). I guarantee there is no way the Big East can get near that percentage (12 out of 16). So it's not a bed of roses by any means.
  • Seth Davis covers the story of Wisconsin's Greg Stiemsma and his battle with depression, an overall positive story, showing that the sports world is improving on social issues, and treating depression like a medical condition instead of a social stigma...
  • Steve Fisher is building a new empire in LoCal? Maybe so! He just got a new five year deal. He is currently 105-106. Had Marcus Slaughter stayed for another year...
  • InsideHoops has lot of news from a local perspective, including an update on the Dusquene injured players and lots of recruiting news
  • Surprised Bobby Cremins got out of retirement (TV analyst) and ogt the job at the College of Charleston? Well not as big of a surprise when you consider that he was a TV analyst for some of the SoCon games, so he was quite familiar with the teams and the conference.

  • Media Days

    Last year both CSTV and ESPN-News provided coverage of the Media Days of some of the big conferences.

    As more details become available, this post will get continually updated with more information... As always check local listings as these things may be rescheduled or shifted around:


  • Thursday, October 19, Conference USA Men's Meida Day on CSTV at 3pm Pacific time, with multiple replays
  • Wednesday October 25, Mountain West Men's Media Day on CSTV, at 6pm Pacific time, with multiple replays

  • Thursday October 12, Conference USA Women's Media Days on CSTV at 3pm PDT. Scheduled for an additional three repeats. Scheduled duration is 90 minutes, but usually these things last longer so if you are planning to TiVo or VHS it, give it a generous additional buffer.

  • Midnight Madness on TV

    This is a work in progress story that will be frequently updated as more information on Midnight Madness becomes available.

    Here is what we know so far for Friday, October 13, 2006:

  • ESPNU has a three hour special Midnight Madness (10:30pm - 1:30am EST) that will feature George Mason, North Carolina and Indiana. Bob Wenzel will be the "analyst" at George Mason's midnight madness. Not sure if this will also be broadcast on the more generally available ESPN properties (eg ESPN2 or News)
  • CSTV is planning a special 90-minute preview edition of Crystal Ball at 11pm EST, with two more replays later that night. No word yet which colleges CSTV will visit.
  • Fox College Sports Atlantic (FCSA) is planning a 90-minute special on Friday October 13, 2006 with a replay in the early hours of the morning. This year they will cover the national champions, Florida. Tentative air times 11:30pm and 4:30am EST. (last year they covered Kentucky).
  • More details coming soon.

  • What will FSN (Best Damn Sports show) do for Midnight Madness? (last year they visited Arizona)
  • Will any of the other ESPN stations offer additional Midnight Madness or simulcast of ESPNU?
  • Will Comcast Sports offer Midnight Madness coverage?

    Check back for more on this as more details become available!

    And on a related note, UW fans will get theirs

    While waiting for Midnight Madness: on TV
  • BUYTV (operated by BYU) will show two reruns twice on Friday October 6: First up the 2002 BYU-Utah game and then the 1981 BYU-Notre Dame game. Yes the one with Danny Ainge and NotreDamus (Digger Phelps).
  • Coach Carter the movie, available on Showtime and on PayPerView and OnDemand

  • TV schedule (an early look)

    An on-going post which will be continuously updated:

    Please note all schedules are subject to change and as always check local listings as they may vary from region to region and provider to provider...

  • National TV schedule, Men and Women from MSNBC, includes ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, FSN, CBS, and ABC. Broken down by month, starting from early November.

  • Men and women basketball games on CSTV here
  • Men-only basketball games on CSTV (easier to read) here

  • Yahoo Sports Broadcasts:

  • List of regional FSN schedules Search for Basketball for a specific date. This includes the whole family of Fox channels, including the regional FSN channels, the three Fox College Sports, and a lot more (Speed, FSN-Espagnol, FSN+ (plus), FSC (Soccer)).

  • ESPN Full Court: ESPNFullCourt schedule here. Click on "TV schedule" for a popup ranging from early November to late March (women's NCAA tourney). Women's games are designated with a (W) in the listings.

  • ESPN360 schedule: Details at

    Must-See TV games
    * according to MSNBC and DeCourcy
    * Top 5 games on CSTV, ranked by Doug Knoll of CSTV

  • The Guardians Classic, now renamed the College Basketball Experience (CBE) has a 16-team field highlighted by the top four seeds Duke, Stanford, Marquette and Knight Tech (errr Texas Tech). Expect the semifinals (Nov 20) and the final (Nov 21) on either ESPN or ESPN2, with the possibility of additional games on other ESPN-networks (eg ESPNU).
  • The Maui invitational will take place as usual Mon, Tue and Wedn November 20-22. All four day 1 games will be on ESPN and ESPN2, along with the two semifinals of day 2 and three of the last four games on day 3. ESPNU will cover the other three. Details and Maui tourney official website
  • The pre-season NIT (now called Season TipOff) will span two weeks. First week will be the four regionals (4 teams at 4 sites) on November 13, 14 and 15. The Final four will be as usual at MSG on November 22 and 24 (Wedn/Friday). The ESPN family of networks will cover at least 12 games. Details The format is slightly different with games played in regional arenas, in Charlotte, Indianapolis, Spokane, and Nashville instead of the home court of the top seeds. Wiki entry
  • The fourth of the big tourneys of the out of conference season is the Alaska Shootout. Four games in four days on ESPN2, November 22,23,24,25. First two games will be Loyola Marymount vs the home team, and Marshall vs Cal (no Leon Powe). A west coast flavor in this tourney as the other pairings are Hawaii (weather shock!) vs Hofstra and Pacific vs UMKC. Hofstra will be on TV only if they make it to the final.


    by Conference
  • Big East Press Release on TV coverage and Detailed TV schedule of Big East teams, including airtimes!!! The first game is on Nov 12, W.Michigan at Pitt, in the inaugural Maggie Dixon Classic on ESPNU. Don't miss the December 5 coaching rematch of the 1997 NCAA Final between Rick Pitino and Lute Olson at the Jimmy V classic in MSG on ESPN. It's Awesome baby!
  • The SEC Conference schedule on Jefferson Pilot Sports (now known as Lincoln Financial) is published as an advertisement in the 2006-2007 Street and Smiths college basketball yearbook. This only lists the SEC conference games to be shown on TV on Jefferson Pilot (aka Lincoln Financial). It includes split games.

    Classic Games rebroadcast
  • Thursday October 19, 830am, the 1999 StJohns-UConn game on CSTV
  • Friday nights double-headers on BYUTV, featuring BYU games. BYUTV is usually found in digital cable packages (or satellite).
  • November 2, at CSTV, rerun of the Villanova championship game

  • Monday, September 25, 2006

    Monday Night Hoops

  • ABC Sports presented a one-hour basketball special called "Who's Got Game" hosted by James Worthy and Paul Sutherland (Sunderland?). They featured an NBA preview, a look at the top rookies, with a feature on Ammo (Adam Morrison), along with an interview with future Dookie Taylor Queen (ooops! King), and an interview with Ben Howland and a few of his players (Josh Shipp, Zo Mata, Darren Collison) looking forward to the upcoming season and looking back at their Final Four run. Ben Howland reminded everyone again that they only put National Title banners at Pauly. Final Four banners don't make it there! In his two-minute NCAA preview James Worthy pointed out Florida, NC and Oden State (Ohio State), blissfully unaware of Oden's injury. They also mentioned Kansas, Pitt, Duke, UConn (!) and Arizona. Judging from their nano-preview, they did not seem to be very familiar with the current rosters and status of the teams they talked about. They mostly cover the NBA after all!
  • The committment of Korie Lucious of the class of the 2008 was the big news of the last few hours. More recruiting news at RecruitingWars
  • Like to collect preview magazines? Don't forget about the ACC Handbook, currently available for pre-order.
  • The CHN 144 previews continue with GW, Oklahoma, Houston and SDSU.
  • Gary Parrish latest post has a common theme: CRAZY. Crazy as in Jim O'Brien wanting another 1.3 million after he was award 2.4 million from Ohio State. A grudge of mega-proportions perhaps? Crazy as in Eric Gordon visiting IU again, making the Illini fans and Bruce Webber crazy as well :)
  • Andy Katz blogs about Shawn Finney (ex Tulane coach and long time Tubby Smith associate) returning to Kentucky as director of basketball operations.
  • Sportsline has a story on all-state teams in a post that you usually see when a writer runs out of things to write about :-)
  • InsideHoops has news from a local perspective via newspaper story links. Included Dusquene updates, recruiting news, injury updates, legal update on Gavin Grant at NC State, Steve Alford's contract extension and even Nebraska broadcaster news.
  • CSTV Daily news includes more schedule and midnight madness announcements (reminder: Friday October 13). Exactly one month later Indiana opens the season and starts the Kelvin Sampson season (sponsored by Unlimited Calling from XYZ Wireless) in the preseason NIT (aka Season TipOff or whatever crappy new name they came up with). That game will be on ESPN2, while the next day the winners will meet on ESPN. First round is Indiana-Lafayette and Notre Dame-Butler, a distinctive Indiana flavor in this regional! ESPN2 will cover the NIT semifinals and final (Nov 22 and 24). Also Tony Jones leaves Idaho State.

  • Saturday, September 23, 2006

    Couch Coach

    You know who you are. You think you know it all. You think you know better than the coaches. You think you can design a better play. Well now you can do it from the comfort of your own couch with these:

    Weekend update

  • CHN previews continue with GW, Oklahoma (Capel), Turnaround Tom Houston, SDSU (no Marcus Slaughter), Umass and DePaul.
  • Gary Parrish updates his blog with a write-up on volleyball and Chase Budinger of Arizona
  • Stanley Ansumnu (a senior with Tennessee basketball last year) is making the transition (back) to football for this season. He is a member of the TN football team as he has one year of eligibility left that he can use for football. (featured on the SEC TV weekly show)
  • Bad news for Georgia Tech Morrow is out 6-8 weeks
  • Andy Katz blogs about Bob Knight's new stream of talent and the situation at Dusquene
  • Frank Burlison comes up with his player of the year predictions and candidates. You won't be surprised by his choice for player of the year :-) He provides ten candidates to choose from including Oden providing he plays at some point. A bit of a surprise is the inclusion of Aaron Gray. While he may be able to post numbers and help his team, he hasn't shown signs of being a player of the year caliber player consistently. But he is a senior now, so only time will tell...
  • Dave Telep updates his recruiting buzz at FoxSports with a story on Jai Lucas. If the name sounds familiar, it's because he is the brother of the Oklahoma State PG and son of the former NBA great. At 5-9 he is considered a Top 50 prospect. He has four teams he is mostly considering. Read all about it at Mike Sullivan covers the rumor of a Rice HS sophomore commiting to Rick Pitino and stories on a couple of east coast recruits. Greg Hicks has three updates from the West Coast.
  • InsideHoops continues its coverage of the Dusquene tragic shootings.
  • CSTV has updates on Dusquene, troubles at Arkansas State and Jackson State, new assistant at Kentucky, an opening date is set for Herb Sendek's first game at ASU, Washington gets 10+ national TV games (even without B-Roy or Nate Robinson) with LSU and Pitt being their high profile OOC TV games. Other stories covered: Jim Harrick's lawsuit update, more schedules announced, and tidbits from teams all over the country
  • TV wise, there is a wisconsin HS basketball all star game scheduled to broadcast on Fox College Sports tomorrow. I have no clue if it is a rerun or a new broadcast. I am assuming there will be some Division 1 signees or prospects, but I don't have any further details.
  • Skwara of Rivals looks at LSU and old-new PG Tack Minor, chimes in on Crean's new contract, and looks forward to two games that include four of the top six recruiting classes (Ohio State at North Carolina, and Texas at Tennessee).
  • Mike DeCourcy dishes the latest on non-BCS players who got game and are planning to showcase it during the upcoming season. Who are they? Almond of Rice, Brown of CSF, and Schilb of Loy-Ill. For a quick intro, read Mike's post :-)

  • Thursday, September 21, 2006

    Midweek update

  • ESPN Classic holds basketball colleges in high esteem as its latest "Who's #1" featuring the best coaches included a large number of basketball coaches, including John Wooden (#1), Coach Cry-Dookie at #10, Dean Smith #11, along with the General and Pat Summit. Also included were Phillip (Jackson), Red (Celtics) and Pat Riley. Larry Brown just missed the cut. Some of the other "Who's number one" series on ESPN Classic also feature college basketball related topics.
  • CHN continues its previews with DePaul (watch out for this team!), UMass (Pitino disciple at the helm) and Utah State.
  • Whos's buying lunch tomorrow? Tom Crean of Marquette and Steve Alford of Iowa. They both got contract extensions!
  • Gary Parrish thinks again: Tom Crean got extended at Marquette through 2016-17 (ten years from now). He allegedly made 1.65 million total last year. Mike Cook get his own write-up, the tough former East Carolina guard is a perfect fit for the Pitt system.
  • The Guardians Classic (the Coaches being the Guardians, although some may argue against that), will be headlined by Puke, Stanford (on collision course in the semifinals), Texas Tech and Marquette. Four regionals of four teams each, the four winners meet in a final four setting in Kansas City, MO on Nov 20/21. But apparently "Guardians Classic" was not a fun name, because it has been renamed to the CBE (College Basketball Experience). And no, Jimmy Hendrix won't be performing. It may look like Bob Knight can pick up two at home cupcake wins in his quest to surpass Dean Smith, but don't them in yet: His 2nd round opporents will probably be the Akron Zips, with LeBron's HS teammates all grown up!
  • Sportsline has a story on Arizona freshman Chase Budinger eating jello and pudding
  • InsideHoops has extensive coverage of the Dusquene story, along with stories on Romar, Indiana planning to upgrade their facilities, Gonzo discussing his teams horrible conditioning (ouch for Orr), and a lot more.
  • Andy Katz's Insider blog has an update on Dusquene, including the Kojo Mensah -vs- Siena scholarship situation.
  • Meanwhile CSTV Daily News is loaded with schedule updates from UCLA, Xavier, Butler, Loyola(MD), . Other stories: BCE field, Dusquene, Duke LaCrosse, coaching extensions, Earth Wind and Fire playing at Virginia's Midnight Madness at their new shiny arena and a lot more.

  • Wednesday, September 20, 2006

    Midnight Madness Reminder

    Midnight Madness will be Friday October 13, 2006. And it won't happen at midnight local time. It will be earlier!

    Judging from previous years, there will be some extended TV coverage. I have not seen any plans/schedules from TV stations this year, but I will post updates once I found out.

    To get an idea, here is what happened last year (2005-2006):

  • ESPNU big coverage with visits to 4-6 college, one hour each
  • Parts of the ESPNU coverage were shown on ESPN/2
  • ESPN-News coverage
  • Fox College Sports (and some regional FSNs) covered the Kentucky Blue Madness in its entirety
  • CSTV had its own special
  • FSN's BDSPP (Best Damned Sports Show Period) and John Salley visited the campus of Arizona for the festivities.

    Start warming up your VCRs! ;-)

  • Tuesday, September 19, 2006

    The Six Carmellos-TNG of 2006-2007

    The 2006 class has been touted for a while now as one of the best classes of the last few years. And thanks to the new NBA Draft rule, all of them are going to college for at least one year. One of the highlights of the class are the long, rangy, versatile, and extremely talented forwards (thus the Carmello-TNG reference). If you watched the 2006 McDonalds All American Game, you have seen them all! If you haven't, find the tape and watch it!

    Here they are:

  • Kevin Durant at Texas. He will be the star of the team from day one since their top three underclassmen bolted for the NBA.
  • Thaddeus Young at GaTech. GaTech fans i'm sure will be reminded that one superstar alone does not bring Final Fours (the Chris Bosh season)
  • Brandan Wright at NC. Roy won't be able to "hide" him like he did with Marvin Williams.
  • Durrell Arthur at Kansas. He will have to earn his PT, Bill Self could "hide" him hoping for another year.
  • Earl Clark at Louisville. His versatility will be needed as Louisville re-invents itself and re-integrates the injured players as they come back
  • Lance Thomas of Puke, a late addition, the "Coach K magic" won him over Rutgers and Mr NewJersey

    At least one of them will be at the 2007 Final Four, although I wouldn't be surprised if four of them find themselves at the Final Four.

    PS> TNG = The Next Generation

  • Super Tuesday (updated)

  • Dean Smith sighting! Dean Smith had a one-segment interview on ESPN News today, talking about the paralysis cure foundation he was helping with. He also talked about basketball and said the refs should be calling more of the fouls instead of letting them go on like that. He also praised Ole Roy and tried to defend Larry Brown's tenure as USA Basketball head coach. He also mentioned that both he and Bill Guthridge maintain their previous offices on campus.
  • New show on CSTV dealing with NCAA-related issues. Title: "Taking issue with Brian Curtins", hosted by CSTV "guru" Brian Curtis. New episodes come out each Wednesday and they repeat about half a dozen times later on. Each episode is 30 minutes long (with commercials). They try to cover all sorts of topics as they relate to sports, including controversial issues. Episode #1 was promising given that its the only one of its kind (I don't have access to ESPN-U).
  • Yocohoops talks about the 2008 Final Four Logo and the promotion of NCAA guru Greg Shaheen (you may remember him from ESPNU's Organizing the Madness)
  • Interesting topics in Mike De Courcy's blog: Billy Walker's eligibility in high school, college and the NBA; the shootings at Dusquene, Reggie Bush, top 10 things to watch in 2006-2007, and the A-10 getting serious about scheduling (GW cupcakes, StBonn/Dusquene soft-serves)
  • Sportsline looks at the Top 10 seniors of 2006-2007. The list includes versatile game changers (Jared Dudley, Alando Tucker, Curtis Sumpter), men of size (Fazekas, Jermareo Davison, Aaron Gray), scorers (Morris Almond of Rice, Jarrius Jackson of Knight Tech, Acie Law the IV), and FSU's Al Thornton. Visit the website for the actual ranking. Their #1 choice may surprise you. The message board users have added their own write-in choices (Terry, Shakur, Radenovic).
  • Speaking of Sportsline, Gary Parrish updates his thoughts with a write-up on the shootings at Dusquene, the ole facitilies at Ole Miss, and Kentucky revisiting the past.
  • Multiple newswire reports on the tragic Dusquene shootings at the Sportsline newswire page. The players taken to hospital were Kojo Mensah, Aaron Jackson, Stuart Baldonado, Shawn James and Sam Ashaolu. A bullet had Baldonado's name on it, but fortunately it missed his spinal cord by 1/4", which would have caused paralysis. Baldonado was quoted by AP saying "I'm lucky". Meanwhile Sam Ashaolu remains in critical condition :-(. New coach Ron Everhart who tried to reboot the program with 10 new recruits called this "absolute mayhem" and he is thankful he got a phone of support from NCAA Czar Myles Brand. FoxSports coverage as well. Newspaper coverage links at InsideHoops.
  • The previews keep on coming at College Hoops Net (CHN). Latest additions: Utah State, Clemson, Drexel, Oregon, and Kansas State
  • The MarquetteBlog links to the Big East report on Big East point guards for 2006-2007. Follow the links on their website for their rankings of the other positions as well.
  • Greg Oden update: SST reported that the earliest Greg Oden could play at Ohio State would be January. The Ohio State magical mystery tour is officially postponed!

  • Bill Hodges and CSTV report on a trio of new signings by the General, Robert Montgomery Knight, FSU, GW, Fairfield, LaTech, Rice and Pacific
  • Jeff Goldman of FoxSports reports that Bridgton Acamedy has been taken off the list of alleged "diploma mills" under investigation. The complete list can be found in Jeff's story. It includes some high profile prep schools, such as MtZion, NDPrep, StTHomasMore, Patterson (if they played in the NCAA they would probably make the Sweet 16 given their roster), and once-mighty Laurinburg.
  • More news than you can digest at CSTV as they talk about Nash's # retired at SCU, Texas A&M going abroad, and 2006-2007 basketball schedules released for Holy Cross, Brown and Siena.
  • The latest Andy Katz updates talk about "the Godfather" (Sonny Vaccaro) pushing for basketball academies. Apparently Andy Katz has become ESPN royalty now since he doesn't write on the weekends anymore :)

    Reading is fun-damental!

  • Sunday, September 17, 2006

    2006-2007 Athlon College Basketball Season Preview Review

    Update September 2007

  • The 2006-2007 season is long gone, but the 2007 NCAA College Basketball Tournament games are available on DVD!.
  • And you can get started on the 2007-2008 season by checking our Gigantic 2007-2008 preview of links.
  • Catch up the latest recruiting rankings
  • Looking for the 2007-2008 Athlon Sports preview magazine review? I just finished the review! Check it out!!!

    The original 2006-2007 review
    The Athlon Sports 2006-2007 NCAA basketball college preview is now out! I picked it up at Borders Bookstores for the list price of $5.99 (display until Dec-15-2006). This is a west coast edition with Stanford's Mitch Johnson and California's Ubaka sharing the front cover.

    And now I am putting my Magazine Reviewer hat on.

    Comprehensive Review
    * The review is divided in two parts
    * The first part covers all the special features, stories, recruiting and player rankings.
    * The second part covers the meat of the magazine, the team-by-team within conference-by-conference analysis.

    Part One: Grade A-
  • Lots of advertising in this magazine, including ESPN Full Court, Samsung 40" LCD HDTVs (nice way to start the season, but who's gonna pay for it?), Sirius, and sadly a few gambling sites. Ironically in one of them (page 101) there is a picture of a random dude partially covering his face, but he looks a bit like the Coach K! That made me laugh for a few minutes :-)
  • Magazine content starts with an editorial from Michael Light
  • Five pages called "Hoops Madness" that cover a variety of topics, including some top XX lists, including coaches on the hot seat, and "put up or shut up" for touted but not-delivering players (they usually play on teams who underachieved or did not make the NCAA) (DUH!)
  • A three-page story on the new "One & Done" phenomenon because of the new NBA Draft rules. Featured is a full page picture of Greg Oden. Interesting "Oden" is an anagram of "Done". One & Done for Oden?
  • Next there is a "Ten things to watch in 2006" list. This covers players, teams and coaches.
  • A very nice touch follows, the preseason Bob Cousy Award candidates, about 40 of them including two from Division 2 and one from Division 3. Some of them are combo guards, but I digress. Included in the list are some of the highly touted freshmen. The 2006 class is definately going to sizzle this year! New Feature!
  • Three one-page interviews follow with Joakim Noah, Arizona's M-Will (Marcus Williams) and Kansas's Juliana Wright.
  • New Feature!: Their post-season predictions come with a nice overlay of the colleges on a two-page USA map. Very clever idea! Quite surpringly Oden State is not predicted to make the Elite 8! And their pre-season #1 maybe a surprise, but it is really the common-sense choice. Here is a hint: Ole Roy ain't that good? Two mid-majors are predicted to make the Sweet 16 and neither one is Gone-Zaga.
  • Then they present their three All-American teams, along with 30 honorable mentions. (Top 45 in all)
  • Recruiting
    * Top 100 of the 2006 class, sorted by position.
    * Top 25 recruiting classes of 2006
    * Next 200 (101-300) of the 2006 class sorted alphabetically
    * Top 100 of the 2007 class sorted alphabetically
    * Top 25 of the 2008 class
    * Top 10 of the 2009 class
    (Editiorial humor: What's missing is the Top 5 of the Embryo class)
  • Two pages of Women Hoops coverage
  • Scheduling: The back of the magazine has an incomplete schedule of all teams, sorted alphabetically. Because the magazine is published relatively early, and some of the schedules have not been announced/finalized, some teams has complete schedules, some teams have partial schedules, some have none. They do however have a listing of all the holiday tournaments, but the font is very tiny. Pull out your magnifying glasses! The first game listed is the 2K Sports College Hoops Classic on November 7 and 8 at College Park, Maryland. If you want to see Gary Williams sweat early in the season, bang your monkey and demand ESPN-U! (Jim Rome radio listeners should be familiar with that phrase)
  • The Back Page: They take a critical look at the Athlon Top 20 Recruits of 2002. Some very familiar names there such as Melo, McCants, Dee Brown, Bosh, Felton, and Hot Sauce. There's also some disappointments: Evan Burns (who?), Christian Drejer, Anthony Roberson (the Me-First class at Florida pre-championship), Elijah Ingram and Soft Davis (of Izzo). But I disgress.

    Part Two: Overall Grade A-
  • In a nice new twist, all conferences are listed alphabetically. In the past the smaller conferences were sent to the back. Not any more. All conferences alphabetically. Good!
  • Conference Pages. Grade B-
    * The BCS conferences get one full page each for a conference preview, which includes the predicted order of finish (POF), a one-line recruiting round-up analysis, first, 2nd and 3rd all-conference teams (top 15 players), and the superlative awards (player of the year, defensive player, underrated, newcomer).
    * The non-BCS conferences get the POF and the all-conference first team only, but they don't get a page for the conference preview.
  • Team Pages. Grade A-
    * Team by team coverage for BCS teams: Each BCS conference team gets its own FULL PAGE, with Intro, Frontcourt, Backcourt and Analysis. Thankfully this magazine (unlike Lindy's) has complete rosters with jersey numbers for the returning players and most of the freshmen/newcomers. The redshirts and transfers are clearly indicated. For returning players comprehensive stats are listed (Games Played, MPG, PPG, RPG, APG, FG%, FT%) and their hometowns. For newcomers/freshmen it lists their hometowns and a short paragraph of recruiting analysis which is a nice touch. Each team also gets a corner picture of one of their players captioned with a sometimes related statistical factoid. Also nice! Sadly coaching records and tenure are not included.
    *Team by team coverage for non-BCS conferences: The designer teams (Memphis, and Gonzaga) get a full page, similar to the BCS teams above. Semi-designer teams expected to make it to the post-season (NCAA or NIT) get half a page (eg Nevada, George Mason, New Mexico State, Charlotte, Xavier, Akron, four MVC teams, GW, and a few more), which includes full rosters, jersey numbers and but no recruiting analysis. The remaining teams who are not expected to make to the NCAA or NIT get only a 15-line writeup that is 1/3rd of a page wide, no rosters, but the top players are mentioned in the 15-line writeup. Ouch for those teams in terms of coverage.

  • Schedules are incomplete
  • Tenure and coaching records along with assistant names are not included

    Compared to Lindy's magazine
    + Athlon: Complete rosters and almost all jersey numbers
    + Athlon: More recruiting coverage in the back of the magazine
    + Athlon: partial schedules (vs none for Lindy's)
    + Lindy's: More coverage for teams not expected to make the NCAA/NIT
    + Lindy's: Coaching records (but no assistants) included

    * I recommend this if you are a college basketball fan.
    * If you are buying it mainly for your conference or team, the BCS teams get a nice full page of coverage each. If your team projected to make the NCAA/NIT you also get a nice half-page to full-page coverage. For teams projected not to make the post-season the coverage is very little.
    * Which one to get? Compare the +/- of each, and browse through them at your local bookstore/newstand.

    Upcoming Preview Magazines
    * Sporting News, CBS Sportsline, Blue Ribbon Yearbook, ESPN, and SI

    Supporting the blog/reviews
    If you found the review useful you can support this blog by making your Amazon purchases using this affiliate link. This will encourage me to review every single 2006-2007 college basketball season preview magazine :-)

  • Saturday, September 16, 2006

    Jam-packed Weekend update

  • CHN's 144 previews continue with Kansas State (Bob Huggins is here!), the tough Bucknell team, Virginia Tech, the Fighting Bobby Lutzes (Charlotte), South Carolina and Akron.
  • Recruiting updates: An updated on highly touted Oregonian Kyle Singler (please don't go to Duke!!!), Rob Thomas and St Johns, new news from Dave Telep, Wisconsin gets a Top 100 player, Reggie Theus gets a trio, and a handful of other schools get 2007 verbals. Details at
  • Possible BIG NEWS at Kansas State. Billy Walker, the highly touted 2007 prospect, and team-mate of MJ-TNG (Michael Jordan, The Next Generation, aka OJ Mayo), is trying to complete his coursework and become eligible for the 2006-2007 season. This is partially because he has exhausted his high-school eligibility. Links to the story at below:
  • FoxSports has updated conference reports on the Pac10 and Big12
  • Frank Burlison looks at the 2006-2007 Super Sophs. To refresh your memory this includes Tyler Hansbrough, Damion James, Josh McDukie, and qutie a few more, some of whom you may have not heard of before because they didn't play in a high profile league.
  • InsideHoops has local newspaper reports including troubles with Flowers at Oklahoma State, a look ahead into the first week of the Thad Five's games at the Ohio BCA classic bracket (with or without Greg Oden?), a rematch of LSU vs Texas on December 10, Kentucky planning for Midnight Madness, Billy Donovan enjoying rock-star status in-state,
  • Gary Parrish blogs some more: Top 26 coaches who could jump from a non-BCS school to a BCS-school. #1 is ... *drumroll* Mark Turgeon of Wichita State, followed by the usual names of Mark Fox, Altaman, Jim Les, Pecora, Greggg Marshall, etc, etc. He also applauds Philly for continuing the Big Five tradition. I applaud them too!
  • Andy Katz (see link on the left column) quasi-freely reports on UConn's young huskies. Calhoun thinks that they all have a chance to play, with Adrien, Price and Marcus Johnson leading the way. Katz also tries to dispell the Billy Walker rumors, but unfortunately the meat of the post is for subscriber's only (Booooo! at ESPN). Other topics: McRoberts's's return from injury and scheduling extravagazna.
  • Gary Parrish and CBS SportsLine cover the story of Myles Brand -vs- the Diploma Mills. Related story on JuCos gaining over Prep schools. And some comic relief (or at least an attempt) by look into his mailbag
  • Mike DeCourcy dishes on: Mike Montgomerry's free agency and Temple's SOS (or lack thereof in the post-Chaney era)
  • Skwara of opens his mailbag once and twice: Young Jayhawks, Super TarHeels starting five, McRoberts, Seton Hall, Stan Health, and Gerald Henderson.
  • CSTV Daily News is as always jam-packed with news on Arizona, Georgetown, Bucknell, St Joe's, GW, Ohio State, Duke, USF, Illinois, Bowling Green, Georgia Tech, New Mexico, Nova, Clemson, UMass, and a different face-off between Tyler Hansbrough and Josh McDukie (ooops McRoberts). Schedules announced for UW-Milwaukee, Providence, UNLV, Utah, New Mexico, Air Force, and the rest of the MWC. Read all about it by visiting their website and then following the links to each individual team's webpage.
  • A story on the Kentucky schedule including national TV games
  • Coach K reflects on his failure to win a GOLD medal. The difference between NCAA/ref-favoritism and the randomness of FIBA officiating? :-)

    Reading Materials

  • The Five Year Graduate Free Agents Transfers List

    This list will attempt to track the effects of the new NCAA legislation that allows a student-athlete to transfer (without sitting out) to a graduate degree program of another school after completing his undergraduate degree providing he has eligibility left.

    The Five Year Graduate Free Agents Transfers List
    1. Kevin Kruger from Arizona State to Daddy State (oops! UNLV)
    2. A. Thierro from Memphis to somewhere else
    3. Jermaine Maybank from StJohns to Huggins State (oops! Kansas State)
    4. Jason Walberg from St Mary's to Daddy State (Pepperdine)
    5. Tim Tillman from Drexel to New Orleans
    6. ?????

    If you know of any more, please leave a comment or send me an email!

    A list of most transfers for 2006-2007 and beyond is maintained at FoxSports by Jeff Goldman

    Big Break College Basketball Coaches Challenge

    The Gold Channel aired this week the Big Break Challenge featuring four prominent NCAA college basketball coaches:

  • Jim Calhoun of UConn
  • Jim Boeheim of Syracuse
  • Gary Williams of Maryland
  • Turnaround Tom (Penders) of Houston (ex of GW and Texas)

    The show will repeat a few times, so you can still catch the reruns on the Gold Channel. Check local listings. It is one hour long.

    The coaches were competing in various golf challenges and joking/bantering with each other. Gary Williams took the challenge more seriously than the rest. Proceeds from this event benefited bone marrow related charities.

    The challenge took a dramatic turn when Gary Williams accidentally bounced a ball and hit Calhoun on the leg. This was purely an accident. Or was it payback for stealing Rudy Gay? :-) Gary Williams and Jim Calhoun did not seem to have any issues though between them though, so they must have put that behind them. Except the subconcious mind of Gary Williams managed a payback trick-shot? :-)

  • Tuesday, September 12, 2006

    Super Tuesday

  • CSTV Daily News is jam-packed with news: The Big 5 (Philly) gets extended through the 2009-2010 season, Redick gets sentence to (just) community service, Coach K preaches to the Puke lacrosse "team", Matt Drama holds open tryouts at SMU, Dwight Boetner leaves Colorado, while Rice, Colorado State, Mizzou, and UIC announce their 2006-2007 season schedules.
  • Big Deli, 300+lb former UMass center was dismissed from Sacred Heart. Actual name: Jeff Salvoski
  • Andy Katz reports in his semi-free blog (link on the left column) that the highly-anticipated Dec 21 Duke - Gonzaga game gets a new appetizer game (Seton Hall - Virginia Tech), after the Pitt - South Carolina game fell apart. He also talks about MAC's (MAC, the conference) quest for a 2nd NCAA bid.
  • CHN 144 previews continue with two tough teams: South Carolina and Akron. Currently at #61 which indicates that we are about two months away from the start of the new season. WOW!
  • Seth Davis has a breakfast of Champions (Read this to find out what car a certain legendary coach drives).
  • Yocohoops gets a new computer
  • InsideHoops will be back tomorrow
  • CSTV and Bill Hodges report updates on mid-majors, including a couple of transfer-outs from trendy mid-majors. Meanwhile tough Bucknell gets another verbal, BYU loses one and it looks like Daniel Hackett is good to go for 2006-07 for USC (graduated high-school in three years by taking extra classes)
  • Coming Soon: Report on the College Basketball Coaches Golf challenge broadcast on the Golf Channel today.

  • Monday, September 11, 2006

    Weekend rewind

    College basketball announcers and analysts have to stop calling players "property of" when referring to players whose NBA rights are held by a team. This is a rather demeaning term. A player is not a property of a team, his basketball rights are! I am surprised activist groups and the players union have not objected to this loudly. Come on!


  • Is Fran Frachilla trying to get a job as an assistant coach with Team USA? During his stint as TV analyst of TeamUSA games he kept mentioning his extensive international basketball experience (over and over) and pointing out problems with the team and how they should have been handled.
  • Gary Parrish blogs about another Huggins Thuggins incident at Kansas State but with Woolridge's players, Florida players getting their rings (Thanks Frodo) while trying to lure 2007 recruit Patrick Patterson (insert LOTR moment here), journeyman prepster Roburt Sallie trying to become eligible (now at Nebraska)
  • The 144 CHN previews march on with some fun teams: Vandy, West Virginia, Stanford (Lopez twins!), and St Louis.
  • CSTV Daily news features even more schedule updates such as UCI (Irvine), American, Baylor, Georgetown, BC (Boston Collage), UTPA, Bowling Green, So. Miss, Pitt, Colorada, and a whole lot more.
  • Andy Katz blogs about the "underreported stories" of the summer in his quasi-free blog (link in the left column of this blog)
  • CSTV Recruiting reports that Bob Knight beat out Huggie-Bear and Matt Drama of SMU for the services of a touted 2007 Texan. Others getting new verbals: Charlotte, New Mexico State, Temple and new coach Fran D, Tulane, UCLA (2008 recruit) and UNLV. Meanwhile Oregon State is trying to become Serbia-West with two more Serbian recruits :-) For all the details visit the Bill Hodges daily report at CSTV
  • Shoe Wars: An interesting story posted at TheSportsBizBlog here at blogspot about the $15 (yes fifteen dollar) shoe marketed by Starbury. Included is a link to a story and roundtable discussion at NPR.
  • Enjoy our review of the Lindy's 2006-2007 college basketball preview magazine

    TV segment
  • TV update: A College Basketball Coaches Golf Tourney will be covered on the Gold Channel (usually on expanded cable, check local listings). Coverage begins Tuesday September 12. The official name of the event is "Big Break All-Star Challenge". Details at The Gold Channel page. It looks like it will repeat a few times if you miss the first airing. Included are Jim Calhoun of UConn, Jim Boeheim of Syracuse and Gary Williams of Maryland. I have not found any additional details.
  • The Marquette BasketBall here at blogspot talks about what went on behind the scenes as the Big East was pondering whether to go for a conference-branded TV channel like the Big 10 (eleven teams) or expand their ESPN deals. The SEC and Big 12 are allegedly pondering on this. As you may recall CSTV started this trend last year with C-USA and MWC local/regional branding. The blog also digs into Marquette's 2006-2007 schedule.

  • Thursday, September 07, 2006

    Daily Grind

  • More schedules are announced at CSTV Daily News, including the 2006-07 schedules (including TV appearances) for Louisville, Marquette, Cincy, Villanova, Houston, Umass, Marsha, East Carolina, FAU, Tulsa, UCF and SMU. Meanwhile former Virgina great Ralph Sampsons pleands guilty (mail fraud).
  • InsideHoops has a couple of updates on Kyle Singler, expected to visit Kansas, Duke and Arizona in the next few days. I have this bad feeling Duke is going to grab this player, despite them having signed Taylor Queen. More stories linked there: Jeremy Hunt happy in Memphis, Daniel Dillon preview, Oregon State's comings and goings, Paul Hewitt's pipeline from Memphis (the city).
  • CHNs 144 previews" continue with the tough ODU Monarchs, Purdue (just lost Nate Minnoy), St Johns, Maryland, UNLV...
  • CSTV Recruiting reports a series of transfers/dismissals, some may be surprising such as Nate Minnoy. Others affected by such moves: Iowa State, Tennessee, and USC.
  • I am now going into Dennis Miller mode (trying to blend history/mythology/etc with today's sports): Syrcause fans insisted G-Mac played like a Greek God during the Big East tourney. It looks like they were right! ;-)
  • Big story at CBS Sports! Gary Parrish delves into the glamorous world of sneaker camps. The Godfather hates the Pumps. As Reebok and Adidas merged, they will eventually merge their grassroots branches, and that can be trouble as the Godfather and the Pumps have to co-exist under the same umbrella.
  • Wondering what your team has been up to? Team by team updates at Sportsline
  • Andy Katz blogs about Notre Dame recruiting, fallout from the World basketball championship and Florida's international trip.
  • Speaking of the world championship, the most overrated coach of this century has returned to Duke

  • Wednesday, September 06, 2006

    The Pete Newell camp still strong!

    Ninety-one (91) years young and still going is legendary coach Pete Newell, just four years younger than his friend John Wooden. Frank Burlison of has a nice story on Pete Newell and his big men camp.

    Mid-week recap

  • RSS feed for this blog:
  • Gary Parrish thinks about football.
  • Latest CHN previews: St Johns, Maryland, UNLV and Rice
  • CBS Sports has a story on this season's top transfers. Sleeper of those ten: Justin Cerasoli at Ole Miss
  • Want to watch the 2006-2007 Ohio State team play? You have to wait for the full team, but if you want to watch the freshman play together, then watch the 2006 Roundball classic: The four starters of one team are Oden, Conley, Cook and Lighty!
  • Rick Bloggino updates his blog with post-game comments on his team's Canadian tour
  • Andy Katz has a semi-free story on Florida's international trip and dazzles us with his math skills on Florida's scholarships ;-)
  • InsideHoops covers a variety of stories from local newspapers, including Florida's, Arizona's and Louisville's intl trips, the latest recruiting news, the Gordon/Rose visit to IU, basketball hall of fame (David Gavitt) and much more
  • Good news for USC, both Daniel Hackett (a 2007 signee who graduated earlier) and big man Taj Gibson were deemed eligible by Big Brother
  • Last but not least, CSTV Daily News covers a number of teams, including a lot of mid-majors which usually don't get as much attention in the other "national media" outlets. And a look at Herb Sendek by the numbers.
  • Calipari replaces one of his vacancies with a St Johns assistant. Everybody wants to recruit NY/NJ players after all!
  • Jeff Goodman makes a case for Kevin Durant as freshman of the year. What about Greg Oden? You have to read the story :-)

  • What if Rick Pitino stayed at Kentucky?

    What if? A slogan for the SciFi channel among other things, the "What If" segment takes a look at what could/would have been had Rick Pitino stayed at Kentucky.

    The last three years of the Rick Pitino era (the 3rd one being the first year under Tubby Smith), the Kentucky program won two national championships and had consecutive three Final Four appearances. Rick Pitino was able to recruit like crazy at that point. Was that the peak or would he be able to sustain the program at such a high level? The trend of players jumping to the NBA draft would have affected his rosters, but given that he had a loaded bench, would that be significant? Would Rick Pitino be considered the poster child of college basketball coaches instead of Coach K? How many more national championships would he have gotten? Enough to be considered the closest thing to a modern-era John Wooden? Or was the three year segment a peak, an abberation and the Wildcats would have landed back down on earth in years after?

    Back to reality now: It has certainly taken Pitino a while to rebuild the Louisville program. But if you compare his progress in his early years at Kentucky with that of Louisville, they are almost running in parallel. So that means in the next couple of years we should be seeing a consistently dominant Louisville team? Perhaps. Perhaps not? After all, the basketball landscape has changed twelve years later. This year's team may be an indicator. Louisville has the talent, the depth and the potential. But can the players stay healthy, and can the freshman deliver on both ends of the floor? If yes, this year's team could make the Final Four and perhaps more.

    Saturday, September 02, 2006

    Weekend Update

  • Lindy's Sports Top 40 is published in their magazine, which I have reviewed right here. The top four is the expected four, with Florida as #1, NC at #2, Kansas at #3 and Ohio State at #4. Wondering who else made the top 40? You have to check it out yourselves :-) Details on Lindy's sports magazines can be found at
  • The mystery continues: We will not find out the details that led to Knight's firing
  • Rivals Andrew Skwara updates his notebook with a story on UCLA's offense. As expected really, following the horrible style of play which cost UCLA a number of high profile recruits (with the exception of Kevin Love) Ben Howland realized that he has to play faster. So Howland claims they will, but you know how coaches are... Skwara has updates on Josh Shipp and Afflalo's injuries, Sidney Lowe tries to re-recruit Brackman, and a clarification on Kendrick Johnson's transfer. Skwara has a trivia question, which you have to visit his story to find the answer to (Who won the ncaa championship as both players and coaches?)
  • CHN's 144 previews continue with Maryland, UNLV, Rice, Miami-OH
  • Rick Bloggino updates his training camp blog with day 8 with a candid but positive evaluation of his current roster. Meanwhile Derrick Caracter did not travel with the team to Canada because of a certain issue that came up and as a precaution he was left behind until the matter is sorted out. More details as they emerge.
  • Gary Parrish's latest update deals with the Kelvin Sampson fallout as Indiana continue to lose in-state recruits, the last one being Jeff Teague to Wake Forest.
  • talks about Mike Montgomery, the ex-NBA coach
  • Gary Parrish opens his mailbag. New content as of August 31!
  • Gary Parrish of CBS Sports talks about whether the current process of Verbal Commitments should be changed
  • Gary Parrish of CBS Sports is a very busy writer! His latest story is on Recruiting at a BCS school.
  • Thanks to Coach Tuk's blog for the link!

    Good News, Bad News segment
  • Bad news for Rick Stansbury et al: D. Slater of Mississipppiii State gets suspended for half the 2006-07 season. Not the first sememster, but really half the season as in 50% of the games scheduled. He will be eligible to play Jan 13. Not sure what his violation was, but it must have been something non-trivial for an upperclassman to be punished like that (one would think)
  • Bad news for Temple and coach Not Chaney: Mark Tyndale and Wayne Marshall AI for Fall. AI = Academically Ineligible. Ouch! This practically ruins their first season without Coach Chaney. Right about now Fran D is thinking "Oooooooooh I should have stayed at Penn" ???
  • Bad news for Siena: Guard Kojo Mensah is transfering to Dusquene. A popular trend these days as Ron Everhart continues to stockpile transfers there most notably shot-blocking Shawn James of Northeastern.
  • Good news for Tenneessseeee: Ramar Smith has been cleared by Big Brother to play for the 2006-07 season. The issue was SAT related.
  • Good news for New Mexico State Tyrone Nelson is re-instated

  • Start the season early: Listen to Louisville basketball LIVE this weekend!

    Games played on Saturday, Sunday and Monday (Labor Day) and you can listen to them live on their radio station webpages.

    Make sure you do the math to figure out the correct time zone

    Louisville exhibition schedule

    U of L's Canadian Exhibition Schedule
    Sept. 2 Carleton University 8 p.m. ET WHAS 840 AM
    Sept. 3 University of Ottawa 1 p.m. ET WHAS 840 AM
    Sept. 4 Laurentian University 11 a.m. ET WKRD 790 AM

    The pre-game show starts 90 minutes before tip-off on the radio stations above.

    First two games on WHAS radio in Louisville
    3rd game at WKRD

    Here we go folks, you can listen to your first 2006-2007 basketball game (exhibition game that is).

    ***** UPDATE *******

    Unfortunately the game is only broadcast over the airwaves. The internet version of the radio stations are broadcasting talk shows and music instead of the games :-(

    There is a frequently updated thread in the Louisville forums however: Louisville forum

    At some point the radio station switched to the game, and they are now broadcasting the post game show!.

    ***** UPDATE *******

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