Saturday, September 16, 2006

Jam-packed Weekend update

  • CHN's 144 previews continue with Kansas State (Bob Huggins is here!), the tough Bucknell team, Virginia Tech, the Fighting Bobby Lutzes (Charlotte), South Carolina and Akron.
  • Recruiting updates: An updated on highly touted Oregonian Kyle Singler (please don't go to Duke!!!), Rob Thomas and St Johns, new news from Dave Telep, Wisconsin gets a Top 100 player, Reggie Theus gets a trio, and a handful of other schools get 2007 verbals. Details at
  • Possible BIG NEWS at Kansas State. Billy Walker, the highly touted 2007 prospect, and team-mate of MJ-TNG (Michael Jordan, The Next Generation, aka OJ Mayo), is trying to complete his coursework and become eligible for the 2006-2007 season. This is partially because he has exhausted his high-school eligibility. Links to the story at below:
  • FoxSports has updated conference reports on the Pac10 and Big12
  • Frank Burlison looks at the 2006-2007 Super Sophs. To refresh your memory this includes Tyler Hansbrough, Damion James, Josh McDukie, and qutie a few more, some of whom you may have not heard of before because they didn't play in a high profile league.
  • InsideHoops has local newspaper reports including troubles with Flowers at Oklahoma State, a look ahead into the first week of the Thad Five's games at the Ohio BCA classic bracket (with or without Greg Oden?), a rematch of LSU vs Texas on December 10, Kentucky planning for Midnight Madness, Billy Donovan enjoying rock-star status in-state,
  • Gary Parrish blogs some more: Top 26 coaches who could jump from a non-BCS school to a BCS-school. #1 is ... *drumroll* Mark Turgeon of Wichita State, followed by the usual names of Mark Fox, Altaman, Jim Les, Pecora, Greggg Marshall, etc, etc. He also applauds Philly for continuing the Big Five tradition. I applaud them too!
  • Andy Katz (see link on the left column) quasi-freely reports on UConn's young huskies. Calhoun thinks that they all have a chance to play, with Adrien, Price and Marcus Johnson leading the way. Katz also tries to dispell the Billy Walker rumors, but unfortunately the meat of the post is for subscriber's only (Booooo! at ESPN). Other topics: McRoberts's's return from injury and scheduling extravagazna.
  • Gary Parrish and CBS SportsLine cover the story of Myles Brand -vs- the Diploma Mills. Related story on JuCos gaining over Prep schools. And some comic relief (or at least an attempt) by look into his mailbag
  • Mike DeCourcy dishes on: Mike Montgomerry's free agency and Temple's SOS (or lack thereof in the post-Chaney era)
  • Skwara of opens his mailbag once and twice: Young Jayhawks, Super TarHeels starting five, McRoberts, Seton Hall, Stan Health, and Gerald Henderson.
  • CSTV Daily News is as always jam-packed with news on Arizona, Georgetown, Bucknell, St Joe's, GW, Ohio State, Duke, USF, Illinois, Bowling Green, Georgia Tech, New Mexico, Nova, Clemson, UMass, and a different face-off between Tyler Hansbrough and Josh McDukie (ooops McRoberts). Schedules announced for UW-Milwaukee, Providence, UNLV, Utah, New Mexico, Air Force, and the rest of the MWC. Read all about it by visiting their website and then following the links to each individual team's webpage.
  • A story on the Kentucky schedule including national TV games
  • Coach K reflects on his failure to win a GOLD medal. The difference between NCAA/ref-favoritism and the randomness of FIBA officiating? :-)

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