Saturday, September 16, 2006

Big Break College Basketball Coaches Challenge

The Gold Channel aired this week the Big Break Challenge featuring four prominent NCAA college basketball coaches:

  • Jim Calhoun of UConn
  • Jim Boeheim of Syracuse
  • Gary Williams of Maryland
  • Turnaround Tom (Penders) of Houston (ex of GW and Texas)

    The show will repeat a few times, so you can still catch the reruns on the Gold Channel. Check local listings. It is one hour long.

    The coaches were competing in various golf challenges and joking/bantering with each other. Gary Williams took the challenge more seriously than the rest. Proceeds from this event benefited bone marrow related charities.

    The challenge took a dramatic turn when Gary Williams accidentally bounced a ball and hit Calhoun on the leg. This was purely an accident. Or was it payback for stealing Rudy Gay? :-) Gary Williams and Jim Calhoun did not seem to have any issues though between them though, so they must have put that behind them. Except the subconcious mind of Gary Williams managed a payback trick-shot? :-)

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