Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shameless: Zebras hand the game to Duke in the first half

This game was an embarrassment for the ACC. The so-called "Duke defense" in the first half was basically getting away with murderous fouls and because they could get away with fouls they were able to steal the ball on-demand. It's not hard to have a big run when you can do whatever you want!

From there on, Wake Forest made a brave and glorious comeback, but considering the home-court advantage it was just not enough to win the game for Wake Forest.

And on top of this we had to bear with the total idiot calling the game and "inducing fouls". Yes, that idiot is of course Tim Brando. Thankfully the G-Man, the only fair and balanced Dookie out there, saved the day.

This was also one of a few games where each team had a pair of same-name players, the Williams and the Smiths!

So now onto The Gary and Maryland to avenge this unfair Duke win and set the record straight!

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