Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Providence loses at PitinoVille

Some cynics out there may say that Pitino "happens" to lose to Catholic-school teams, so he can "help" them. Of course this is silly, but looking at the Notre Dame game and scoreboard, well, ummmm, opens up the door a little bit ;-)

But it wasn't the case tonight against his former team, the Providence Friars, home of many successful coaches. The first half was an exciting shootout, and the score at the half was higher than the full-game score of this Big 10 game.

Defense took over in the second half, and the PitinoVille team and crowd managed to take control of the game and never look back.

At the same time, it is so wonderful to have Doris Burke as a basketball analyst. She is right on the spot, she actually analyzes the game, and understands the flow of the game and her role as an analyst. I'm glad ESPN put her in the analyst chair, and not as the "Vitale Cheerleader" - that's the role of the "sidelines reporter" during Vitale broadcasts.

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