Friday, February 29, 2008

Bob Knight joins ESPN - who will he fight with first?

The Genera, Robert Montgomery Knight has joined the ranks of ESPN as an in-studio college hoops TV analyst! His first appearance will be on March 12, 2008, Mark your calendars! Knight will stay on-board throughout Championship Week, which you can also watch online at ESPN360, and also through the exciting NCAA tournament.

The dynamics will be interesting, Knight already teased confrontations as he said he'd enjoy working only with those people he likes. It is no secret that the ESPN "Old Guard", Vitale, Digger and Jay Bilas are drinking the Bob Knight Kool Aid, so he will probably be matched up with those.

On the other hand, some of the not-so-entrenched Old Guard ESPN'ers are not drinking the Knight Kool Aid. Skip Bayless may be so scared of Knight after all he has said, that he may decide to stay at the ESPN theme park at Disney until Knight finishes his stint at ESPN ;-)

So the big question is, who will Knight fight off in the ESPN Cafeteria? Will it be Skip Bayless or Doug Gottleib? :-)


Casey said...

I would pay money to see Knight and Gottelieb throw down. Dougy needs a good pounding. Aside from all the theatrics I look forward to Knight's commentary. The guy is so insightful. He will be a plus to the broadcast.

ncaahoops said...

It should be huge for the ratings!

Maybe they can do a "Knight & Bayless" show like they do on the cable news networks and have them fight it out :)

ESPN can now afford to let Vitale do an NCAA tourney game on CBS, since they can have Knight as the ratings magnet!

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