Friday, March 07, 2008

ESPN360 Championship Week March 7 to 16, 2008! (updated)

Championship Week started today! Get set, GO!

ESPN is heavily promoting their online coverage of Championship Week at their ESPN360 website. There you will find games played during championship week, across the whole ESPN family of networks. Championship Week is ESPN's name for the tie period between March 7 to March 16, 2008. March 16 of course being Selection Sunday.

ESPN360 will allow you to watch the games live but also watch repeats, whether you missed the game, or your favorite team won or played well, or you least favorite team lost :) We know we'll be hitting rewind over and over if/when Duke loses :-)

For actual televised game listings, be sure to check our on-going March 2008 College Basketball TV listings. We include listings from ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Classic, CBS, ABC, FSN, Fox College Sports, CSTV, and Comcast Sports Net. No ESPNU, no ESPN Full Corut, and no regional networks however.

Speaking of CSTV, they have finally started showing repeats of the regional weekend CBS Sports games. What took them so long is my question? I thought they would start doing that the day they bought CSTV. But I guess "old media" is very slow to move. Even in the internet era. Oh well, it's better late than never :-) Hopefully they can do something similar for NCAA Tournament Games as well!

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