Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Daily Bubble Talk: Numbers, Syracuse, and the power of the Pac-10

Wow, this Pac-10 conference is loaded! The #9 vs #8 game, Cal vs Washington showcases why this is probably Pac-10's best regular reason ever. Both of these teams could contest in an NCAA first round game, and look like they could do some damage in the CBI or the NIT!

No G-Mac, no miracles for the 'Cuse. The good news? The NIT Final Four is played at Madison Square Garden, an extra incentive for the Cuse fans!

A thing that is misleading, especially in conferences with unbalanced scheduling is the number of wins in the conference season. A lot of people fall into this trap. Gottleib tries to point out, but no one seems to be listening. Don't just look at the 11-7 or 10-6, look at who did you play, and where did you play them. Case in point the West Virginia Thugineers with loads of Big East comfy wins, and not a whole lot of tough wins, in or out of conference.

The same thing can be said with the 20 win mark which a number of people, usually clueless play-by-play guys, or Sportscenter anchors or other likewise clueless sportscasters.

Why is it stupid? Because a mediocre team that is not even NIT-worthy can get to 20 wins. It's really easy. Here is the formula for 20 wins: 12 out of conference games, all scheduled at home, including an exempt tourney, so you basically have 12 to 14 wins. Then you split the games in conference, eg 8-8, and voila, you have a 20 win season. Does that mean you are one of the best 40 teams and qualify for an at-large NCAA bid? NO WAY!!!

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