Sunday, March 09, 2008

UCLA officially becomes Duke West, steals two games in a row thanks to Zebras!

That does it! UCLA is officially Duke West. What a sham! UCLA wins two back to back Pac-10 games on BAD home-cooking calls! Really bad calls.

And given that the zebra that made the call on the Stanford game wasn't even the one supposed to make the call, one perhaps should launch an investigation. There may be something fishy going on. UCLA is already able to get away with multiple fouls per possession when their wrestler-forwards foul opponents on double-teams and screens.

I hope UCLA draws Cornell in the first round, and Cornell pulls a Princeton on them :-)


Casey said...

Bad calls - yes! But that was a sick shot from behind the board - SICK!!!!

Anonymous said...

For your metaphor to be accurate, Duke would be UCLA East.

The last 20 years of Nike/ESPN promotion of the Duke/UNC programs still does not come close to touching UCLAs rightful spot as preeminent college hoop school.

And don't think ESPN isn't chomping at the bit to get onto the Bruin bandwagon - in spite of an all star line up of Wooden haters - Vitale, Packer, Knight.

ncaahoops said...

It was a tough clutch shot, no one can take that away from him. It just wasn't a legal NCAA shot :)

Well ESPN is singing the praises of the teams they have, since they barely have any Pac-10 games on.

UNC can point to the fact that they had multiple Hall-of-Famer eras, from Frank McGuire, Dean Smith and Ole Roy.

UCLA's reign was more of a Wooden Dynasty, and then everyone else (before Howland) not getting it done or not sticking around long enough.

Anonymous said...

UCLA gets the no call at the end of the A & M game. Officals and the blind announcers must love UCLA.

ncaahoops said...

Yes, they are Duke West! And on top of that, Ben Howland's multiple fouls per possession defense and offense is very ugly for the game, it is ruining the game!

I am betting that once Howland stops winning, he's gonna get kicked out a lot faster than other struggling UCLA coaches in the past :)

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