Sunday, March 09, 2008

Daily Bubble Talk: Speedo Guy a pastor, and wife dated his brother

Not sure what the Pac-10 has done to Funny Fatzilla of ESPN, perhaps he couldn't beat Pac-10 teams while he coached at New Mexico, but he was in total hatorade mode during the Thursday College Gamenight on ESPN.

Not only did the Dookies embarass themselves with the "Speedo guy", but "Speedo guy" is apparently a pastor at a church in Knoxville, TN. And on top of that, his wife was dating his brother before him. Leave it to the "Elitist Dookies" to mix in a pastor, a speedo, exhibitionism, and incest all in one! Classy Dookies!

Drake served notice today with their Keno-offense by beating Illinois State all the way to the CBI bubble. CBI being the new third tier post-season tournament that is making its debut this post-season with 16 teams. The teams left out of the NIT, will be invited to CBI. Or something like that!

Good news for USC Trojan fans or just the politically appropriate thing to say to push away the questions and the focus? OJ Mayo said he is coming back for his sophomore year at USC. Actually, it has a chance of coming true. Why? Well, because OJ Mayo is playing at a high profile market right now. If he goes in the NBA, he is probably going to be playing for a non-playoff team, very likely in a smaller media market. So, by staying another year in LA, he can significantly improve his endorsements cache, and those could be worth a whole lot more than his first NBA contract if he plays his card right!


Janet J said...

I hope the FCC investigates. I thought I saw a nipple slip.

ncaahoops said...

Good point Janet!

And he could improve his dancing moves if he watches some of your music videos :)

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