Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Daily Tourney Talk: It's Xavier, not Ex-Zavier!

It was so funny to see Dennis Felton saying how much he knowns and respects Xavier, when he doesn't even know how to pronounce their name. Likewise, Duke-educated Ja(y)son Williams called Ex-Zavier as well.

So let's all practice saying their name the right way, it's not pronounced Ex-Zavier, it is pronounced Zavier!

Meanwhile Cornell was having some transportation issues, but there were all sorted out thanks to Big Brother's help. And what did Coach K do with his voice? Was he screaming like Count Dracula when the sun went down?

Seth Davis has joined Steve Lappas and Jayson Williams on the CSTV March Madness preview show. And a funny moment on CSTV: Clark Kellogg interrupted the live broadcast and grabbed Seth Davis and moved him out of the studio!!! Not sure if this was staged or not, but it was so funny :)

Meanwhile "reporter" Tom Keegan asked Billy Walker one of the stupidest press conference questions ever. He asked him "who is a better teammate, Michael Beasley or OJ Mayo?". Unless this was a staged question, the AD or the coach should have jumped in and tell Tom Keegan to go back to the Drive and eat his popcorn ;-)

Billy Clyde Gillispie denied the rumors that he watched all 29 Marquette game tapes. And with good reason, it would take 60 hours of non-stop watching. And there's barely that many hours between now and Selection Sunday. He did confess however that he watched most of them.

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