Sunday, March 02, 2008

USC at Arizona State

Despite the fact that ASU was beaten by the game clock at the 12 minute mark, they were able to put 80 points on the board and get a much needed win against the USC Condoms. Both teams had their "we were supposed to score?" stagnation moments, and the first half was about as exciting as reading the yellow pages while watching paint dry ;-)

But the second half picked up, and there was some excitment, drama, wild runs and swings, and a healthy dose of ...home-cooking that drove Floyd and his band crazy. Yet another physical game - what have they done to my Pac 10? You crazy slugfesters!

This "W" saved the day for Arizona State, and combined with the two home losses of the Cal Bears, it has put ASU in the Top 7. Next week will see a very important game as ASU will visit Oregon, with both teams desperate for the win and hoping to finish the season 50%, which will increase their chances of an at-large bid, since a number of people pay too much attention to the conference record, and not who did you play, where did you play them, who did you beat, and how well did you play.

Beaten by the Game clock
What does "beaten by the game clock" mean? When your points are fewer than the minutes played. For example, if at the end of the first half a team has 19 points, they were beaten by the game clock since 20 minutes were played.

Beaten by the game clock is a sign of a struggling offense and slugfest, because you have to be on pace to score less than 40 points for the whole game in order to be beaten by the game clock. Ouch!

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