Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Pac-10 needs new referees!

In the third time in a row, the Pac-10 zebras screw up and affect the outcome of the game, instead of letting the players decide the game on the court. This time the three blind mice called an over the back foul on Jeff Pendegraph on what looked like a reasonable putback in traffic. This silly call caused Pendergraph to foul out, and at the same time sealed the game for USC. And oh by the way, ASUs post-season future was on the line.

Memo to the Pac-10: Hire new officials!


Brendan said...

As a USC fan, I completely agree. I hate to see a game end in such a b.s. fashion.

I have a huge friendly bet riding on tomorrow's USC-UCLA game, and man oh man, if it comes down to yet another crap-ass call -- as every important Pac-10 game seems to, these days -- I'm going to be seriously pissed.

sandhu said...

ya the pac-10 needs to be change..
other wise it may be down

ncaahoops said...

Yeah, three in a row is way too many. Although in this instance, it actually played in favor of the Pac-10 in terms of the NCAA tourney, since ASU can make the case of a very close loss that was decided by a bad call. Compared to bad losses by many of the other bubble teams.

Oh that game is going to be wild tomorrow! The battle for LA on primetime!

That looks like the Lexus Gauntlet, blogger edition? :)

Anonymous said...

Last Thursday night's basketball game of UCLA vs AState was a sham and the NCAA needs to get rid of these refs! UCLA was pounding back, in a strong way, when the refs started calling numerous fouls on UCLA that when looked at by instant replay were out and out bad calls, turning the game around and giving AState a completely undeserved W. Who are these refs and where do they come from? The game was a total sham! I'm lodging a complaint with the NCAA/Pac 10!....Will it do any good? I vote for instant replay! Commmmom!

ncaahoops said...

They also need to reform the rules. Five fouls in today's game are not enough, with faster, stronger, taller and longer athletes.

Under the basket fouls also need to be cleaned up. The advantage should be to the person with the basketball skills, not some stiff standing under the basket and taking charges.

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