Thursday, March 20, 2008

Recapping a fun Day One of March Madness!

We did much better than we thought in our day one predictions, we were 13-3! The only games we got wrong were Bob Thuggins over Kevin O'Neill, Kent State vs UNLV, and Kansas State vs USC.

Congratulations to the Belmont Musicians! A valiant effort against the feverish Dookies, and oooooh so close to the upset. The Belmont coach probably made a lot of money tonight, one way or the other. When you have an NAIA transfer carve up the Duke team, composed of about eight McDonalds All Americans, you have to tip your hat to Belmont! Go Belmont Go!

Kentucky's senior Joe Crawford had a valiant effort too, as he tried to will his team into a comeback victory over Marquette. And Tom Crean can finally breathe a sigh of relief, it was his first NCAA tourney win in the post D-Wade era at Marquette! And a winning streak against the Cats in the tourney!

Other good games were the Miracle Dogs of Georgia doing better than the Miracle Orange of Syracuse did in the tourney after their conference tourney miracle run. At least the Dennis Felton Dawgs won the first half of the game. This was another good game, but ultimately the X-men made a comeback.

Another good game was the battle of the super-freshmen, and Tim Floyd got a taste of his own medicine when his own superfrosh got knocked out of the tourney. Last year USC spoiled the Kevin Durant party.

And that game was a clear example of why we need to go to six fouls or more. If the NCAA really means that they want to do what's best for the student athletes, then they should address the foul situation immediately. The student athletes work and train hard all around the year so they can compete on the court. Why should we let three middle-aged men with overactive "weasels" and egos control their playing time? This is ridiculous. NCAA, take action now!

To close, this was indeed chalk day, as most of the top seats won, and it's really hard to call Kansas State over USC or Texas A&M over USC upsets, just because the seed numbers are higher.

Now it's up to Bob Thuggins and the West Virginia Threepointeers to beat the Dookies! Go West Virginia, Go!

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