Saturday, March 15, 2008

Daily Bubble Talk: The day before judgment day!

Joe Lunardi drinks the NCAA crazy juice as he puts Illinois State ahead of Villanova, Arizona State. Jay Bilas picks up a fight with Lunardi on ESPN's Gameday for picking Illinois State over those two. Lunardi also made a case for Philly-team Temple. Looks like we have some Philly-bias from St Joe employee Joe Lunardi!

The dream is still alive: Illinois vs Minnesota!

Meanwhile, Digger Phelps has gone crazier ever since Bob Knight joined ESPN. Case in point: The Dr Frankenstein segment on Gameday.

Speaking of Bob Knight, he had perhaps his first TV outburst as an analyst when he refused to pick a winner between Illinois and Minnesota ("I really don't care!") in the morning edition of ESPN's Gameday.

Also keep in mind, Virginia Tech would be a good ratings story for CBS, so I'm sure the cmte members would be reminded of that by the TV suits.

Congratulations UMBC, you are in!

Am I the only one who finds the operatic ACC singing during ESPN's ACC conference tournament coverage extremely annoying? Who came up with that idea and have they been fired yet? :)

Goodbye Tim Welsh says Providence
Happy trails Tim Welsh! You had your fill of Dunkin Donuts, now it's time for you to go to Starbucks! That's right, Tim Welsh was fired (or not renewed) by Providence College, after a long career at PC. Perhaps they need to bring back Rick Pitino or Billy Donovan? So, who is going to be the next Providence college basketball coach? One thing's for sure, not me! How about Pete Gillen? Well, we prefer Pete Gillen as a TV analyst!


Casey said...

Gillen is a great analyst!

Hey - you are slow here. I was expecting this site to be the Clemson Tigers' fan club by now. :)

ncaahoops said...

LOL. I am behind the times! I'm time-shifting, but judging from what you wrote, I may like the outcome :)

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