Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Silver Hair comebacks!

First it was "Mac is back!" Now it's "Lute is back!" Silver hair power! Go AARP go! At their age, they are probably considered senior-AARP members too!

But the good news for Arizona Meercat fans is that Lute Olson will be back to coach the team in the 2008-2009 season and he plans to finish his contract through 2011.

The timing is a bit strange, however, this may help Arizona's chances on the bubble, since the Selection Cmte will subconsciously or consciously know that if they leave Arizona out, they would be ruining the 23-year streak, and Lute will be back to continue it next year. Not that this should matter, but didn't Arizona get the Lute/Arizona bump a couple of years ago when they really didn't deserve a bid, and got in and got beat up by Seton Hall?

With GoneZaga and South Alabama not getting the automatic bid, the bubble is shrinking in terms of slots, but expanding in terms of candidates! The bubble cruch!

The Lunardis are burning the midnight oil! And it's a good thing the steak sandwich shops are open long hours in Philly, if they ran out of midnight oil, there's plenty of oil in the cheesesteak ;-)

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