Sunday, March 02, 2008

Seth Davis on Arizona: Lute Olson vs Kevin O'Neill, the drama!

During the half time show of the Big 10 game on CBS Sports today, Seth Davis of SI, CNN SI, CSTV, and CBS Sports gave us a recap of the drama in Tuscon! Lute Olson and Kevin "The Enforcer" O'Neill are apparently not getting along, and have very little communication. Lute wants to come back for next year, and O'Neill will probably not be there - unless they bridge the gap.

Assuming all the players stay put, Arizona could have a very interesting team next year, with Bayless, Brandon Jennings and Nic "Hoops" Wise, along with Budinger (he's really no NBA player right now), and Jordan Hill (he needs more seasoning to maximize his NBA earning potential and career). Even I could coach them to a 20-win season ;-)

So much for the softer side of Kevin O'Neil? :)

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