Saturday, March 01, 2008

Cal is eliminated, Ben Braun to be fired?

Cal's loss to Washington State was not the end of the world. They way they lost was a disaster for a team that has bubble hopes. They got blown out at home by Washington State, an NCAA tourney team, but not one of the Power-16 teams.

This may have perhaps forced the hand of the administration to make the decision to get Ben Braun fired at the end of the season.

But just like Jay John, it's Herb Sendek who is going to get him fired, not himself per say. Why?

Sendek turned perennial Pac-10 bottom-feeder Arizona State into a surprise team and NCAA bubble team in just year two, and on top of that he managed to pick up some nice recruits. Meanwhile Ben Braun has been at Berkeley since the Grateful Dead performed there, and let's face it, the program is trending sideways.

Glaring is his failure to get the proper guards for the program. Guards are much easier to recruit than bigs, but his guards are all Pac-10 bench players at best - other than Patrick Christopher. And while it is true that Omar Wilkes may have surprised some by his departure, he was not a point guard, and this team BADLY NEEDED a point guard.

Especially when you have a boatload of big men that need a point guard to get them the ball! Why have someone like DeVon Hardin when you are letting a 5'6" mini-me throw wild shots all over the place? Nothing against the little guy :)

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