Saturday, March 08, 2008

UCLA steals Pac-10 regular season conference title

Yes basketball fans UCLA stole the Pac-10 regular season conference champions. And oh the irony, for a team that fouls multiple time per possession (see: screens and double-teams by their "wrestling forwards"), they won the game when the blind zebras called a very legit block by Lawrence Hill a foul. This end of game foul put a UCLA player on the line and send the game into overtime. Had the foul not been called, since it was not a foul, but a clean block, the clock would have ran out and Stanford won the game and had a chance at the title. I cannot blame Trent Johnson for getting furious and frustrated over this! I absolutely agree!

I am now tempted to start considering the possibility of considering the option to root for a 1st round UCLA loss in the NCAA tourney and the Pac-10 tourney :-) Basketball karma should get back to them for the way they are "ruining" the game and turning it into a wrestling match!


Casey said...

Once was a time when Duke was called UCLA of the East. Is UCLA gonna be called the Duke of the West? Two games in a row where the Bruins received some favorable advantages from the officials.

ncaahoops said...

Yes they are! It's official :)

Cal may have another shot at them if they can beat Washington in the opening round of the P10 tourney.

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