Monday, March 03, 2008

North Carolina at Boston College

Hold the Mayo! Bring on the Rice! Hot Rice! Wild Rice! Tyrese Rice! He scored 23 points or so in the first seven or eight minutes of the game. Oh my! He ended the half with 34 points and eight three-pointers made. Oh my!

The good news for Boston College? They were blowing out North Carolina on national TV, on ABC Sports powered by ESPN. The bad news? They lost the game! The good news? They had a guy score 40+ in a wild offensive frenzy. The bad news? They lost the game! The good news? It's a young team with lots of promise for the future. The bad news? The future is not now.

Meanwhile North Carolina had Tywon Lawson come back, and he played more than just a few minutes. He played and played. But it was the collective team onions they showed that allowed them to withstand the Wild Rice three pointer barrage and slowly but steadily chip away at the lead and then go in burst mode and grab a ten point victory from the jaws of a blowout.

Are the newly developed onions the difference between the 2007 UNC team having a meltdown against Georgetown and the 2008 team that may go to the Final Four and have a good chance of one or two victories once they get there? It's too early to tell yet, but this game was certainly promising. An even bigger test will be how they play and how they handle the Duke crowd. We won't have to wait long for that, just six days, the game will be played March 8, 2008, on ESPN's Gameday Primetime showcase, at 6pm pacific (9pm eastern), on ESPN and ESPN-HD.


Casey said...

Scoring 40 and losing must have been the thing to do in the Big East last week. Luke Harangody did the same thing vs. L-Ville.

ncaahoops said...

Beasley too at 39!

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