Saturday, March 08, 2008

Louisville at Georgetown

It is rare that a slow scoring game is actually a good game with nice flow and with intensity too. This was one of those. Even though the gameclock was beating both teams after 16 minutes in the first half, the game had a bit of everything, and the regular season Big East title as the grand prize. And the top seed in the Big East Conference Tournament which tips off next week at MSG.

A number of players made plays and had a good game, something that bodes well for both teams in their post-season pursuits. Georgetown has managed despite the issues pointed out by many, to grab the regular season title in the Big East. And it's really great that college basketball has a team like Georgetown, which is what makes it different from all other basketball teams. And you have a player like Hibbert being so unique for a 7-footer. And someone like Jonathan Wallace coming out of nowhere to become one of the most onionized guards in the NCAAs.

PitinoVille is able to hide a lot of problems as long as David Padgett is healthy and someone can make a three or two. The depth and versatility along with the press are big weapons for the Cardinals. But they still have to execute the game plan, instead of rehearsing for the NBA scouts.

If you missed this game, check for it online at CSTV or perhaps it will repeat later in the week at CSTV. CSTV is officially getting renamed to CBS College Sports next week. To coincide with March Madness of course!

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