Monday, March 17, 2008

Bob Knight body language analysis (daily tourney talk)

Perhaps prophetic was our post of a few days ago, juxtaposing the resumes of West Virginia and Arizona. This was before West Virginia beat UConn in the Big East tournament. And lo-and-behold, they are playing each other in the first round of the NCAA tournament. We feel so special, so special ;-) So that gives our NCAA tourney upset predictions more street cred. (As if!)

Meanwhile Bob Knight tried to incite religious wars when he jokingly talked about Catholics vs Methodists. Oh the Pope is going after the General!

And Dookie Vitale continues his "Knight back to Indiana" routine, while Bob Knight tries to stay motionless and expressionless while Vitale goes on with that sales pitch. But it was very interesting (and perhaps subconscious) last night, when Knight said right after that "Dick makes a very good point", short pause, "on the brackets...". Intentionally or not, Knight wants back!!! And we don't even have a body language specialist on this blog. We can't afford one, unlike Papa Bear!

Be sure to check ESPN and ESPN2 today for more bracket analysis, but also the reveal of the 2008 NCAA Women's College Basketball Tournament brackets.

And after that, the NIT will take over the ESPN family of networks, as every single NIT game (31 total) will be shown on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU and ESPN Classic. Action tips off with a handful of games on Tuesday and Wednesday. It is interesting to note the NIT seeding, to see how the college basketball coaches, led by CM Newton, viewed the field of teams left out by the NC2A.

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This is the new language well so it seems. So everyone goes on about it, like it’s never existed, like they’ve been shown the holy grail of a secret understanding of human interpretation. We are born to recognise it. If we need a TV programme to highlight it we're doing a pretty shity job at being human beings. Granted body language is succinct, subtle and underhanded at times, but if you're concentrating on where someone is crossing their hands while talking to you, “because that means your being defensive bah blah blah.” You probably haven’t realised their conversely pissed off internation in the fact you’re pointing that shit out and not listening to a word they say.

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