Sunday, March 30, 2008

Most Final Four Appearances including the 2008 Final Four field

So after the Final Four field was set, which colleges have the most NCAA Tournament appearances in men's basketball? Who is it? Who is it???

1. UCLA 18 (three in a row)
2. North Carolina 17
3. Duke 14
4. Kansas and Kentucky, 13 each

As you can see Kansas was at #5 but since they made the 2008 Final Four, they have moved on to tie UK at #4.

North Carolina was ahead before Ben Howland took over UCLA, but three back-to-back UCLA final fours jumped them over UNC which had 16 at the time. Ole Roy put the Tar Heels in this year's Final Four, generating even more separation between UNC and the Dookies!

In 2004, the year Ole Roy took over UNC, the Dookies were just one Final Four away, after Coach Ratcase managed to steal the last Final Four spot from Thad Matta's Xavier. But two more UNC appearances (2005, 2008) have created a three-final-four advantage for the TarHeels.

And I wouldn't be surprised if either Kansas or Kentucky tie the Dookies at the #3 spot in 2009 :-)

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