Saturday, March 29, 2008

Roy Williams Commits NCAA Violation!

But not what you think :) During the press conference before the Louisville vs North Carolina game, Roy Williams committed an NCAA violation, in front of everyone, the media, the cameras, the reporters, and ESPN News!

What was the violation? He pulled out a Coke bottle and poured it into his blue NCAA-logo cup. This is a violation because the NCAA does not want any other marketing logos to appear in their press conferences.

This is further complicated because Coca Cola is one of the premier North Carolina sponsors :)

Will this amount to anything? Probably not :) Is this worth talking about? Probably not!

PS> In the same press conference, Roy Williams revealed he said "NO" to NBA teams eleven times, including three NOs to the Los Angeles Lakers. Take that Coach K ;-)


Anonymous said...

ur an idiot...haven't u seen all the coke commercials and ads during the games...coke and ncaa are in a partnership for the tournament

ncaahoops said...

LOL. I think you missed the point of this post :)

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