Saturday, March 08, 2008

TV News: CSTV becoming CBS College Sports

To coincide with the start of the NCAA tournament, March 16, 2008, will be the day that CSTV will be renamed CBS College Sports. It took CBS a couple of years it seems before they fully "absorbed" their new acquisition.

We do not know any more details, this name-change was advertised during the UAB at Memphis game today on CSTV. They also promised a new nightly college sports show, which apparently was supposed to be the "One College Sports Show" way back at CSTV, but then became a weekly show, and then fizzled away.

Also gone was the "Crystal Ball" for college basketball this season. But CBS is planning to integrate their March Madness coverage even more with the CSTV.

Also showing up today was Big John's other coach-son, Ronnie Thompson, looking sleek and lively as a half-time analyst! And a great match for the CSTV brand. I mean, CBS College sports, not CSTV :)

We hope that that doesn't mean Carter Blackburn, CSTV's play by play guy and Greg Amsinger, their studio host, will be replaced by the more youthful Dick Enberg and Verne Lindquist ;-)

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