Thursday, March 13, 2008

Daily Bubble Talk: My kingdom for a bracket!

The softer side of Bob Knight on ESPN? On Digger Phelps: "We just had a good time". Oh my? But of course that was just day one.

Today is Judgement Day in the Pac-10! Arizona State has a chance to beat USC and move on up in the Bubble, Arizona has a chance to beat Stanford and move on up, and Oregon has a chance to score 50 and beat Washington State and move on up. And California-420 has a chance for "pay back", to take back the game they lost again the UCLA Cheaters. Wouldn't it be poetic justice if Cal won the game on a last second (no-)call? :)

The wonderful world of the A-10 continues as no one really knows how to rank and rate the teams not beginning with an "X".

CSTV, which is becoming CBS Sports on selection Sunday, will be showing the Memphis quarterfinal from Conference USA, and two games from the Mountains of the West.

And how silly and petty is that? Taking a tour of ESPN is an NCAA violation. Now, I'm not a fan of Geno, I often call him Sleazo, but the NCAA is once again showing that they are a petty band of bureaucrats whose goal in life is to make everybody else's life miserable and boring ;-)

And where are you planning to watch the March Madness? Perhaps you new flat panel HDTV? :)

March Madness at!

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