Saturday, March 01, 2008

Bracketology: Saturday March 1st Live Update!

Who is not on the bubble
Now before we talk about who is on the bubble, how about who is not on the bubble, beyond reasonable doubt. Here they are, 21 surefire locks in only our opinion:

  • ACC: North Carolina, Duke
  • Big East: Georgetown, Louisville, UConn, Notre Dame
  • Pac10: UCLA, Stanford, Washington State
  • Big10: Purdue, Wisconsin, Indiana
  • Big12: Texas, Kansas, Kansas State
  • SEC: Tennessee, Vandy
  • A-14: Xavier
  • C-USA: Memphis
  • Rest: Butler, Drake

    All numbers by the way, courtesy of Ken Pom RPI.

    The Big Bubble
    This leaves 14 at-large bids, but considering that the teams from the above group are most likely to win their conference championship, this expands the at-large field to 20. So who is going after those spots?

  • ACC (6): Clemson, Maryland, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, Miami, Florida State
  • Big East (6): Marquette, West Virginia, Pitt, Syracuse, Nova, Cincy
  • Big Ten (3): Michigan State, Ohio State, Minnesota
  • Big 12 (3): Texas A&M, Baylor, Oklahoma
  • SEC (5): Arkansas, Miss State, Ole Miss, Kentucky, Florida
  • Pac-10 (6): USC, Arizona, Arizona State, Oregon, Washington, Cal?
  • A-10 (4): Dayton, UMass, Rhode, St Joe
  • Mountain WAC (5): BYU, UNLV, New Mexico, San Diego State, Nevada
  • C-USA (2): UAB, Houston
  • Mid-majors (10+): Southern Illinois, St Mary's, GoneZaga, Kent State, South Alabama, VCU, Stephen Austin, Davidson, Creighton, Illinois State, Oral Roberts, Ohio Cornell, etc...
  • Anybody else???

    So what's the frequency?
    We have been of course generous in our listing, because we assume that each team can win every remaining game and reach the conference tourney final which would pile up the quality wins and also boost their last-10 numbers, let alone the eye-balls and the what-have-you-done-for-me-lately co-efficient.

    So we have at least 50 teams vying for 14 to 20 spots. Given that the likely winners of the conference tourneys will come from the 70 teams listed above, the ratio probably drops to 2 teams vying for each bubblicious spot!

    So who is in? Who is out?
    We blog, you decide :-)

    Watching the Drama
    11am pacific
    Wow the zebras are trying to let Duke back in the game! An intentional foul drew the ire of the crowd, NC State is up by six points, with 5 and half minutes left. The game is on CBS Sports, with the one and only Bill Raftery. A win could put NC State in a bracket - not necessarily the NCAA, but there's the post-season NIT and the CBI.

    Also at this hour, Wright State and Valpo are tied on ESPN2 with less than a minute left! And another Bracket-impact game, on ESPN, Syracuse is up one point on Pittsburgh with 13 seconds left!

    Oh my!!! Pitt steals and scores, Boeheim goes crazy and gets a Technical, Pitt steals one at the Carrier Dome! The Battle of the Bubble will be a candidate for the 9am Sunday morning Game of the Week game on ESPN Classic.

    Meanwhile Wright State and Wrong State (oops, Valpo) are going to overtime on ESPN2. And NC State is up six on Duke. If NC State wins, I am going to wear a bright red suit all week long!

    Meanwhile at CBS, Duke has tied the game. Will the Dirty Rat get his 800th win by cheating again? :-)

    Wowie, Texas A&M is sliding fast and hard! With about two minutes to go, Oklahoma is doubling them up! They scored just a few more over 30! Texas A&M, meet the NIT!

    Meanwhile (do we have to start every sentence with this?) Marquette and Georgetown are squaring off on CBS Sports with Gus Johnson. The winner boosts their Big East seeding and also grabs a solid win to get them a nicer bracket position!

    DROP EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING AND TURN ON CBS! Overtime epic between Georgetown and Marquette with Gus Johnson and Special K! Wallace just banked a wild three to tie the game with 2 minutes of overtime left! Oh my!

    In typical Duke fashion, Coach K stole his 800th win
    What did you expect really? :-)

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